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Updated on June 6, 2015

Tokyo Mew Mew was an anime series that ran from 2002 to 2003. In total 52 episodes of Tokyo Mew Mew were aired. With a total of 21 reported filler episodes, Tokyo Mew Mew has a moderate filler percentage of 40%.

While on a date with the cutest guy at her school, 13-year old middle school girl Ichigo Momomiya becomes infused with the DNA of the endangered Iriomote wildcat. This allows her to transform into a pink-haired heroine known as a Mew Mew and turns her into a cat in times of duress. Now, with the help of four other girls as part of the top secret Mew Project, they must defend the Earth from an alien menace known as the Deep Blue.

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Filler Episodes:5-6, 8-9, 14-16, 20, 22-24, 29-35, 39, 42-43
Canon Episodes:1-4, 7, 10-13, 17-19, 21, 25-28, 36-38, 40-41, 44-52

Tokyo Mew Mew Episode List

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1Turning into a Cat – Justice Lies in a Girl in Love, ~Nya!Canon2002-04-06
2A New Comrade – Justice Lies in a Real Lady, ~Nya!Canon2002-04-13
3Ghost Story from School: Finding the Ghost's True Identity, ~Nya!Canon2002-04-20
4A Tearful Date – the secret I can't tell Aoyama-kun ~Nya!Mostly Canon2002-04-27
5Stormy Rhythmic Gymnastics – becoming a Star with a Cat's Dance! ~Nya!Mostly Filler2002-05-04
6The Piano of the Heart – It's a heart-pounding dance party! ~Nya!Filler2002-05-11
7Enter Pudding – The Ears and Tail are Part of the Act!Canon2002-05-18
8To the Hot Spring! The Mysterious Mountain's Miracle of LoveFiller2002-05-25
9Dearly Beloved Brother – The Memories lie in the PictureFiller2002-06-01
10The Last Member – The Legendary Lonely WolfCanon2002-06-08
11The Heart to Believe – All Five Makes Tokyo Mew Mew!Canon2002-06-15
12Identity Revealed – An Out of Season Cherry Tree Falls AwayCanon2002-06-22
13Intersecting Hearts – Aoyama-kun is TargetedCanon2002-06-29
14Akasaka's Secret – A Tale of Sad LoveFiller2002-07-06
15A Little Hero Masha – Friendship at the Risk of His LifeFiller2002-07-13
16Lettuce's Love – Longing in the LibraryFiller2002-07-20
17The Knight in Blue – I will protect you!Canon2002-07-27
18Mid-Summer's Love – Ichigo's Swaying HeartCanon2002-08-03
19The power of kindness – O Wish, Come true in the SeaMostly Canon2002-08-10
20Memories of mother – Onee-chan is in troubleFiller2002-08-17
21Sparks of the Heart – Ichigo and Mint At OddsMostly Canon2002-08-24
22Farewell Summer – Ichigo's Longest DayFiller2002-08-31
23Sudden Love – Accept Girls' Hearts!Filler2002-09-07
24A Mysterious Gem – Brilliance is within you!Filler2002-09-14
25Love's Hurdle – Many Obstacles to Ichigo's LoveCanon2002-09-21
26Stop, Time! Overwhelmed with Sentimental FeelingCanon2002-09-28
27I Love You – Aoyama-kun's Shocking DeclarationCanon2002-10-05
28Kitty Panic! The Key to the Mystery is Her KissCanon2002-10-12
29A Forbidden Love? I Can Understand Cats! ~NyaFiller2002-10-19
30Be Honest! Unspoken Love in the Crystal Ball!Filler2002-10-26
31Father's Back – One-game Match for Ichigo!Mostly Filler2002-11-02
32Princess Fight – The Hero Can't be Bought For MoneyFiller2002-11-09
33A Fiancé Appears – Pudding's Fated Marriage?!Filler2002-11-16
34The Most Important Matter – The Ability to Trust in SomeoneFiller2002-11-23
35Don't Cry, Lonely Little ZakuroFiller2002-11-30
36Shirogane's Past: the Secret of the Mew Mews' Birth!Canon2002-12-07
37The Shining Tear: Celebrating Christmas with just the Two of UsMostly Canon2002-12-14
38Miracle of the Holy Night – No Secrets AnymoreCanon2002-12-21
39The Stolen Dream – Sweet Trap of the LavenderFiller2002-12-28
40Two Becoming Friends? Pudding in Imminent Danger!Canon2003-01-04
41The Winds Brings Happiness – A Heartfelt PrayerCanon2003-01-11
42Zakuro's Dilemma: Only Four Mew Mews Now?Filler2003-01-18
43Friend or Foe? Fight, Oneesama!Filler2003-01-25
44The City Turns into a Forest! What Protects Ichigo's SmileCanon2003-02-01
45The Riddle Dissolves! The Truth about the Blue KnightCanon2003-02-08
46New Reinforcement! Protect the Earth TogetherCanon2003-02-15
47The Power of Love! I will protect Aoyama-kun!!Canon2003-02-22
48The Labyrinth of the Alternate Dimension! Kish's Gamble!!Canon2003-03-01
49The Awakening of Blue – Another Appearance!Canon2003-03-08
50Ichigo's Trial! I am a Mew MewCanon2003-03-15
51The Final Battle! I Believe in Your SmileCanon2003-03-22
52For the Earth's Future, We'll Serve You ~Nyan!Canon2003-03-29

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