The Evil Overlord! Salamander

Dominique calls Cobra with concerns that someone may be watching her and they agree to meet in The Century Hotel. Before Cobra arrives, Dominique is captured by Salamander, a character with strange powers. Cobra and Lady arrive at Barosde and he is followed by Pirate Guild assassins. Concerned about Dominique he goes to the hotel, but finds only the skin of her back with the butterfly tattoo. Full of remorse and feeling responsible for her death, he goes after the Guild. Meanwhile the Guild tries to assassinate Lady with a bomb. She is badly damaged and placed in the care of Professor Maseron. Cobra suspects that someone in the Galaxy Patrol has been working for the Guild. Cobra gets information from Bista that her room was bugged by Dober, a rebel within the Galaxy Patrol who has an energy blaster in his arm. He sets a trap, and corners Dober. They fight and Dober reveals that Salamander is based on planet Valentine. Salamander is the admiral of the Pirate Guild forces and commands over 1,000 vessels. Cobra swears revenge on Salamander. 

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