Cobra's Angry Revenge

In a remote outpost bar, a shoot-out happens over a card game. Cobra challenges the survivor, Fast-Fire Doug Savallas, to a gunfight, but they are revealed to be old friends. They foil a trap set for them by the Guild with Doug using his shape-changing skills. Cobra recruits him and plans to find two others, Pumpkin and Bud, to take revenge on Salamander. Pumpkin is currently in prison so they must free him. Disguised as a guard, Doug takes Cobra in as a prisoner, but soon suspects that Salamander is aware of their presence. Another prisoner tries to kill Cobra, but he is saved by Pumpkin. Doug is caught and is forced to infect them with dysentery, but tricks them into releasing Cobra and Pumpkin. They head to the frozen north pole of Neptura to collect Bud. 

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