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Updated on November 26, 2018

Slam Dunk was an anime series that ran from 1993 to 1996. In total 101 episodes of Slam Dunk were aired. With a total of 10 reported filler episodes, Slam Dunk has a very low filler percentage of 10%.

Hanamichi Sakuragi is a delinquent and the leader of a gang. Sakuragi is very unpopular with girls, having been rejected an astonishing fifty times. In his first year at Shohoku High School, he meets Haruko Akagi, the girl of his dreams, and is overjoyed when she is not repulsed or scared of him like all the other girls he has asked out.

Haruko, recognizing Sakuragi's athleticism, introduces him to the Shohoku basketball team. Sakuragi is reluctant to join the team at first, as he has no prior experience in sports and thinks that basketball is a game for losers because his fiftieth rejection was in favor of a basketball player. Sakuragi, despite his extreme immaturity and fiery temper, proves to be a natural athlete and joins the team, mainly in the hopes of impressing and getting closer to Haruko.

Friendships and rivalries will be made and broken in this all-time classic!

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Filler Episodes:47, 85-86, 92, 95, 97-101
Canon Episodes:1-46, 48-84, 87-91, 93-94, 96

Slam Dunk Episode List

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1The Genius Basketball Player Is Born?!Canon1993-10-16
2Go to Hell, Basketball! Hanamichi vs. RukawaCanon1993-10-30
3Gorilla vs. Hanamichi! Big Showdown!!Canon1993-11-06
4Basketball Player Hanamichi Joins the Team!Canon1993-11-13
5A Spiritless AfternoonCanon1993-11-20
6Rukawa vs. Akagi: The Real ShowdownCanon1993-12-04
7Hanamichi Debut! Dunk ExplosionCanon1993-12-11
8Hanamichi's Crisis! The Judo-man's TrapCanon1993-12-18
9I'm Going to Play BasketballCanon1993-12-25
10The Commoner's Shoot is DifficultCanon1994-01-08
11Our Love's Special Secret TrainingCanon1994-01-15
12Defeat Ryonan! The Fierce Training the Night Before the MatchCanon1994-01-22
13Shohoku vs Ryonan. Burning Captain!Canon1994-01-29
14Super Basketball Match With RyonanCanon1994-02-05
15Hanamichi Nervously Steps Into the SpotlightCanon1994-02-12
16Who is This Guy? Taoka's MiscalculationCanon1994-02-19
17The Rebound King Sakuragi Hanamichi's DistressCanon1994-02-26
18Last 2 Minutes! I'll Be the One to Defeat SendohCanon1994-03-05
19Time's Up! The Decisive Battle with RyonanCanon1994-03-12
20Basketball ShoesCanon1994-03-19
21Enormous Trouble Makers! Hanamichi vs MiyagiCanon1994-03-26
22History's Biggest Idiot Combination is BornCanon1994-04-16
23Shohoku Basketball Club's Last DayCanon1994-04-23
24The Battle for Justice! Sakuragi's Goon Squad Joins!Canon1994-04-30
25The Man Who Aimed at National ChampionshipCanon1994-05-07
26Mitsui, the Problems of the PastCanon1994-05-14
27I Want To Play Basketball!Canon1994-05-21
28The Beginning of Interhigh PreliminariesCanon1994-05-28
29Hanamichi! Debut at an Official GameCanon1994-06-18
30The Introspective Army's Big CounterattackCanon1994-06-25
31Formidable Enemy Miuradai's Secret WeaponCanon1994-07-02
32Genius Hanamichi! Certain Death DunkCanon1994-07-16
33Walkout King!? Hanamichi SakuragiCanon1994-08-06
34Gorilla's Secret, Kill with Your Eyes!Canon1994-08-20
35Hot Blooded GuysCanon1994-08-27
36A Well Seeded School, Enter ShoyoCanon1994-09-03
37Hanamichi: First-time As Starter!Canon1994-09-10
38Rukawa's Counterattack!Canon1994-09-17
39Lightning Flash Ryota!Canon1994-09-24
40Rebound King Hanamichi Sakuragi!Canon1994-10-01
41Shoyo's Ace Fujima Enters the CourtCanon1994-10-08
42Shoyo Ace Fujima's Real AbilityCanon1994-10-15
43Has Mitsui Reached His Limit!?Canon1994-10-22
44Mitsui! Stormy 3 PointsCanon1994-11-05
45Imminent Walkout!? Hanamichi's PinchCanon1994-11-26
46Hanamichi, Hot DunkCanon1994-12-03
47Challenge From a RivalMostly Filler1994-12-10
48The Guy Who Pledged to Defeat KainanCanon1994-12-17
49"Takezono, Last FightCanon1994-12-24
50Challenge to the KingCanon1995-01-07
51Outside Calculation!? Hanamichi at His Best!Canon1995-01-14
52Secret Weapon Against Sakuragi!Canon1995-01-21
53The Gorilla's Injury! Desperate Situation!?Canon1995-01-28
54King Kong's Younger BrotherCanon1995-02-04
55The Guy Who Dominates the GameCanon1995-02-11
56Ace Maki, Full ThrottleCanon1995-02-18
57Anzai, Bet on Victory!Canon1995-02-25
58Stubborn Guys!Canon1995-03-04
59Last 10 Seconds! A Perfect ConclusionCanon1995-03-11
60Shohoku on the EdgeCanon1995-03-18
61Baldy Strikes Back!Canon1995-03-25
62Three-Day Super TrainingCanon1995-04-01
63Battle of the Aces! Kainan vs RyonanCanon1995-04-08
64King Kainan Shows its Abilities!Canon1995-04-15
65The Strongest Match! Sendoh vs MakiCanon1995-04-29
66Sendoh's BetCanon1995-05-13
67The Final Battle! Shohoku vs RyonanCanon1995-05-20
68Savior!? Hanamichi SakuragiCanon1995-05-27
69Gorilla Goes AstrayCanon1995-06-03
70Gorilla Dunk IICanon1995-06-10
71Gorilla, Shout of Revival!Canon1995-06-17
72The Greatest Shame of One's LifeCanon1995-07-01
73Rukawa Kaede, Gambling on the 2nd HalfCanon1995-07-08
74The Most Dangerous Challenger!Canon1995-07-15
75Fine PlayCanon1995-07-22
76The Feeling of VictoryCanon1995-08-05
77You Guys Are Strong!Canon1995-08-19
78Uozumi Jun RevivesCanon1995-08-19
79Blue Waves - Ryonan Fights Back!Canon1995-08-26
80Shohoku's ProblemsCanon1995-09-02
81Sendoh On Fire! Shohoku LosesCanon1995-09-09
82Amateur Sakuragi Hanamichi the ManCanon1995-10-21
83Vice-Captain Kogure's DeterminationCanon1995-10-28
84Win or LoseCanon1995-11-04
85New Challenge: The National Championship!Filler1995-11-11
86Rukawa's AmbitionFiller1995-11-18
87Japan's Number One High School PlayerCanon1995-11-25
88The Basketball Kingdom - AmericaCanon1995-12-02
89Unstoppable Intensity! RukawaCanon1995-12-09
90Shohoku's True Star!Mostly Canon1995-12-16
91The Nationals at RiskCanon1995-12-23
92Male Friendship!? Sakuragi's GangMostly Filler1996-01-13
93Going Toward 20000 ShootsCanon1996-01-20
94Shizuoka's Fierce Fight! Shohoku vs. JouseiCanon1996-01-27
95Hanamichi's Hottest DayFiller1996-02-03
96Basketball Shoes Part IICanon1996-02-10
97Mixed Feelings, Uozumi ReturnsFiller1996-02-17
98Fierce Battle Begins! Shohoku vs. Shoyo/RyonanFiller1996-02-24
99Facing the Strongest Team, Shohoku in Danger!Filler1996-03-02
100The Man of Miracles, Hanamichi Sakuragi!Filler1996-03-09
101The Glorious Slam Dunk!Filler1996-03-23