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Updated on April 24, 2019

SKET Dance was an anime series that ran from 2011 to 2012. In total 54 episodes of SKET Dance were aired. With a total of 2 reported filler episodes, SKET Dance has a very low filler percentage of 4%.

The Sket Brigade is a highschool club that was formed to help with any problems students may have. Despite their lack of problems to solve they put their very best into solving each one.

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Manga Canon Episodes:1-25, 27-31, 33-54
Filler Episodes:26, 32

SKET Dance Episode List

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1The Academy SKETsManga Canon2011-04-07
2Peppermint SamuraiManga Canon2011-04-14
3The Legendary OnihimeManga Canon2011-04-21
4Romantic! Finding the Hilltop Pelolin!Manga Canon2011-04-28
5The Ghost of the IncineratorManga Canon2011-05-04
6Even Onihime Has Tears in Her Eyes (Devil Princess May Cry)Manga Canon2011-05-12
7Summer SakuraManga Canon2011-05-19
8Nervous & GenesisManga Canon2011-05-26
9Enta'll Do It!Manga Canon2011-06-02
10You Mustn't WatchManga Canon2011-06-09
11Real-deal Bibage BattleManga Canon2011-06-16
12Shooting Gang Star Etc...Manga Canon2011-06-23
13Pixie's GardenManga Canon2011-06-30
14Producing UchidaManga Canon2011-07-07
15Mistaken Angel the 13thManga Canon2011-07-14
16Kaimei Rock FestivalManga Canon2011-07-21
17SketchbookManga Canon2011-07-28
18This is How a Man Plays HyperionManga Canon2011-08-04
19Panic and 100 Haircuts in the Principal's Office and Club RoomManga Canon2011-08-11
20Group Blind Date TsukkomiManga Canon2011-08-18
21Otaku & OccultManga Canon2011-08-25
22In the Park Homerun (Revised)Manga Canon2011-09-01
23It Feels Great to Be a Little Princess!Manga Canon2011-09-08
24Older Brother, Younger BrotherManga Canon2011-09-15
25Switch OffManga Canon2011-09-22
26Spirit DanceFiller2011-09-29
27Together With Onee-san and Bad ScientistManga Canon2011-10-06
28Shinba Michiru's Elegant CookingManga Canon2011-10-13
29The Second Coming of the Mistaken AngelManga Canon2011-10-20
30Turn the Crank-nyora!Manga Canon2011-10-27
31Samurai and clothesManga Canon2011-11-03
32Thief Dance, PlusFiller2011-11-09
33The Glass ManManga Canon2011-11-16
34Onee-san Romantic LaboratoryManga Canon2011-11-23
35Quiz Warrior EnigmanManga Canon2011-11-30
36OgressManga Canon2011-12-07
37Kunpuu, Pleasant BreezeManga Canon2011-12-14
38Kigurumi BreakManga Canon2011-12-21
39One Broken, Special... New Year'sManga Canon2011-12-28
40Stakeout BluesManga Canon2012-01-12
41Vs. Student Council! The Rare Man who Needlessly Fears the Battle Q!Manga Canon2012-01-19
42Momoka's Sudden Road to Stage ActressManga Canon2012-01-26
43Bashful GirlManga Canon2012-02-05
44DropManga Canon2012-02-09
45Whispering Onee-san's Instruct-sonManga Canon2012-02-16
46Happy Birthday Part 1Manga Canon2012-02-23
47Happy Birthday Part 2Manga Canon2012-03-01
48Happy RebirthdayManga Canon2012-03-08
49Genesis World Grand PrixManga Canon2012-03-15
50I'll Do Anything, MasterManga Canon2012-03-22
51Happy to Meet YouManga Canon2012-03-29
52Twin Tail Tsundere GirlManga Canon2012-04-05
53A Graceful Melody for Koma-chanManga Canon2012-04-12
54Get the Fortune Teller!Manga Canon2012-04-19

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