Shaman King: Flowers Filler List

Updated on April 30, 2024

Shaman King: Flowers was an anime series that ran from 2024 to 2024. In total 13 episodes of Shaman King: Flowers were aired. Shaman King: Flowers has no reported filler.

The story will center on You and Anna's son, Hana.

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Manga Canon Episodes:1-13

Shaman King: Flowers Episode List

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1Asakura vs. Secret AsakuraManga Canon2024-01-09
2West Tokyo Sound Effect FestivalManga Canon2024-01-16
3The Return of the Precocious ShamanManga Canon2024-01-23
4Sense of LossManga Canon2024-01-30
5Shocking MallManga Canon2024-02-06
6An Oni Lies Down by the RiverManga Canon2024-02-13
7Oni, RumblingManga Canon2024-02-20
8Flower of WatchamacallitManga Canon2024-02-27
9My Dad and My Uncle the Same Age as Me?!Manga Canon2024-03-05
10Island of Death ZeroManga Canon2024-03-12
11Black MaidenManga Canon2024-03-19
12Just Cuz?Manga Canon2024-03-26
13It's Love!!!Manga Canon2024-04-02

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