Revolutionary Girl Utena Filler List

(Shoujo Kakumei Utena)

Updated on December 26, 2023

Revolutionary Girl Utena was an anime series that ran from 1997 to 1997. In total 39 episodes of Revolutionary Girl Utena were aired. Revolutionary Girl Utena has no reported filler.

Some years ago, when she was a child, Utena Tenjou lost her parents in a tragic accident. Amid her feelings of grief, a prince riding a white horse approached her, soothed her, and gave her a mysterious ring with a rose seal on it. Utena was so charmed by the prince's presence that she wishes to turn into one.

Utena, now in the present, starts attending Ohtori Academy in search of the prince she met on her childhood, little did she know, when she realizes that the ring with a rose seal turned into a duelist, combatting in order to get the Rose Bride, someone that must obey the orders of the one that owns her. Utena seems this as an injustice, so she tries to own her in order to set her free... Although, what are the ulterior motives of any of the duelists and the Rose Bride? What does all this have to do with the ring Utena received as a child? Will Utena meet the prince someday? Utena is an original anime with duels, mystery and psychological themes which subverts and defies all fairy tale tropes, all combined with a baroque aesthetic and intriguing story.

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Mixed Canon/Filler Episodes:8, 13, 16, 24, 27
Anime Canon Episodes:1-7, 9-12, 14-15, 17-23, 25-26, 28-39

Revolutionary Girl Utena Episode List

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1The Rose BrideAnime Canon1997-04-02
2For Whom the Rose SmilesAnime Canon1997-04-09
3On the Night of the BallAnime Canon1997-04-16
4The Sunlit Garden - PreludeAnime Canon1997-04-23
5The Sunlit Garden - FinaleAnime Canon1997-04-30
6Take Care, Miss Nanami!Anime Canon1997-05-07
7Unfulfilled JuriAnime Canon1997-05-14
8Curried High TripMixed Canon/Filler
9The Castle Said to Hold EternityAnime Canon1997-05-28
10Nanami's Precious ThingAnime Canon1997-06-04
11Gracefully Cruel - The One Who Picks That FlowerAnime Canon1997-06-11
12For Friendship, PerhapsAnime Canon1997-06-18
13Tracing a PathMixed Canon/Filler1997-06-25
14The Boys of The Black RoseAnime Canon1997-07-02
15The Landscape Framed by KozueAnime Canon1997-07-09
16The Cowbell of HappinessMixed Canon/Filler1997-07-16
17The Thorns of DeathAnime Canon1997-07-23
18Mitsuru's ImpatienceAnime Canon1997-07-30
19A Song for a Kingdom Now LostAnime Canon1997-08-06
20Wakaba FlourishingAnime Canon1997-08-13
21VerminAnime Canon1997-08-20
22Nemuro Memorial HallAnime Canon1997-08-27
23The Terms of a DuelistAnime Canon1997-09-03
24The Secret Nanami DiaryMixed Canon/Filler1997-09-10
25Their Eternal ApocalypseAnime Canon1997-09-17
26Miki's Nest Box (The Sunlit Garden - Arranged)Anime Canon1997-09-24
27Nanami's EggMixed Canon/Filler
28Whispers in the DarkAnime Canon1997-10-08
29Azure Paler Than the SkyAnime Canon1997-10-15
30The Barefoot GirlAnime Canon1997-10-22
31Her TragedyAnime Canon1997-10-29
32The Romance of the Dancing GirlsAnime Canon1997-11-05
33The Prince Who Runs Through the NightAnime Canon1997-11-12
34The Rose CrestAnime Canon1997-11-19
35The Love That Blossomed in WintertimeAnime Canon1997-11-26
36And Thus Opens the Doorway of NightAnime Canon1997-12-03
37The One to Revolutionize the WorldAnime Canon1997-12-10
38End of the WorldAnime Canon1997-12-17
39And Someday, Together, We'll ShineAnime Canon1997-12-24

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