Redo of Healer Filler List

(Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi)

Updated on March 4, 2021

Redo of Healer is an ongoing anime series that started in 2021. So far 8 episodes of Redo of Healer have been aired. Redo of Healer has no reported filler.

Keyaru, who is exploited repeatedly by others due to being a healing magician, notices what lays beyond just his healing magic, and is convinced that a healing magician is the strongest class in the world. However, by the time he realizes his own potential, he is already deprived of everything.

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Manga Canon Episodes:1-8

Redo of Healer Episode List

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1The Healer Starts Over!Manga Canon2021-01-13
2The Healer Ruins Princess Flare!Manga Canon2021-01-20
3The Healer Buys a Slave!Manga Canon2021-01-27
4The Healer Acquires Setsuna!Manga Canon2021-02-03
5The Healer Finds a New Toy!Manga Canon2021-02-10
6The Healer Sheds Blood and Tears!Manga Canon2021-02-17
7The Healer Enforces Justice!Manga Canon2021-02-24
8The Healer Meets the Demon Lord!Manga Canon2021-03-03

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