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Despite both James Huang and Bobby appearing as crude bosses, there is no story or dialog in the game proper, making their inclusions too abrupt and almost casual. This arcade-style beat-em up would be too short and confusing for anime-viewers, roughly re-covering material from episodes 20-51 (starts at Aisora, ends at Alice fight).

Interesting tidbits:

- James Huang is fought twice, albeit the second alludes to his allegiance with Keith Black

- Both Bobby and Huang have unique fighting animations faithful to the source, although the former could pass as a generic mecha

-  Azazel's morphed Alice-form is oddly named "Black Alice", but normal Alice is absent from gameplay, making this distinction pointless

The game itself was only released domestically with NTSC-J region encryption; ironically due to its simplistic nature, it's also mostly in English.

Episode Number: 
Japanese Airdate: 
Mixed Canon/Filler
Manga Chapters: 
rest of 163 and 164, 165, most of 166, 180

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