Second half of episode is mostly recap (clip show).

In the manga, Keith Blue's attack fails to kill White, and Katsume's character arc is fulfilled, beginning the final storyline. However, due to abruptly ending after heavily altering the progression of over a hundred chapters of material, contextual references surrounding these events differ dramatically.

Anime ends with Yugo's funeral in 206 interspersed with the Keith battle from 218; since White dies from Gecko Ending, he's symbolically replaced with an hourglass. This would be volumes 19 and 20 if one disires to resume where TMS left off, but numerous stories and whole adventures were skipped; so many that resuming where season 2 started is recommended.

TL;DR: If the viewer REALLY doesn't care about the story, and is ONLY "curious" to see how it ends, start at ch. 206 vol. 19. Ch. 215-218 are animated, although in a completely divergent context that honestly holds more meaning when read.

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Mixed Canon/Filler
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rest of 205, first half of 206, least of 218

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