Outlaw Star Filler List

Updated on June 30, 2021

Outlaw Star was an anime series that ran from 1998 to 1998. In total 26 episodes of Outlaw Star were aired. With a total of 6 reported filler episodes, Outlaw Star has a moderate filler percentage of 23%.

The series takes place in the "Toward Stars Era" universe in which spacecraft are capable of traveling faster than the speed of light.

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Mixed Canon/Filler Episodes:9, 21-26
Filler Episodes:13-14, 16, 18-20
Anime Canon Episodes:1-8, 10-12, 15, 17

Outlaw Star Episode List

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1Outlaw WorldAnime Canon1998-01-05
2World of DesiresAnime Canon1998-01-15
3Into Burning SpaceAnime Canon1998-01-22
4When the Hot Ice MeltsAnime Canon1998-01-29
5The Beast Girl, Ready to Pounce!Anime Canon1998-02-05
6The Beautiful AssassinAnime Canon1998-02-12
7Creeping EvilAnime Canon1998-02-19
8Forced DepartureAnime Canon1998-12-26
9A Journey of Adventure! Huh?Mixed Canon/Filler1998-03-05
10Gathering for the Space RaceAnime Canon1998-03-12
11Adrift in SubspaceAnime Canon1998-03-19
12Mortal Combat with the El DoradoAnime Canon1998-03-26
13Advance Guard from Another WorldFiller1998-04-02
14Final CountdownFiller1998-04-09
15The Seven EmergeAnime Canon1998-04-16
16Demon of the Water PlanetFiller
17Between Life and MachineAnime Canon1998-04-23
18The Strongest Woman in the UniverseFiller1998-04-30
19Law and LawlessnessFiller1998-05-07
20Cats and Girls and SpaceshipsFiller1998-05-14
21Grave of the DragonMixed Canon/Filler1998-05-21
22Gravity JailbreakMixed Canon/Filler1998-05-28
23Hot Springs Planet TenreiMixed Canon/Filler1998-06-04
24Cutting the Galactic LeylineMixed Canon/Filler1998-06-11
25Maze of DespairMixed Canon/Filler1998-06-18
26Return to SpaceMixed Canon/Filler1998-06-25

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