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Updated on February 8, 2023

One Pace is an ongoing anime series that started in 1969. So far 138 episodes of One Pace have been aired. With a total of 1 reported filler episode, One Pace has a very low filler percentage of 1%.

One Pace is a team effort that started in March 2013 with the goal of matching the One Piece manga more accurately than Toei's anime adaptation. One Pace is an direct inspiration to the series Dragon Ball Z Kai, Were they cut out filler scenes, non-canon reaction shots, padded sequences, and re-order scenes to stay truer to the manga.

As of 2023, one pace isn't caught up with the anime. Therefore any untitled episodes does not mean an error, it just shows that a certain episode isn't completed yet.

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Quick List

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Manga Canon Episodes:1-104, 107-138
Mixed Canon/Filler Episodes:105
Filler Episodes:106

One Pace Episode List

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1Romance Dawn - The Dawn of an AdventureManga Canon
2They Call Him "Straw Hat" LuffyManga Canon
3The Pirate King and the Master SwordsmanManga Canon
4The FirstManga Canon
5Enter NamiManga Canon
6TreasureManga Canon
7Pirate Buggy "the Clown”Manga Canon
8Captain UsoppManga Canon
9Captain KuroManga Canon
10The SlopeManga Canon
11The Silent ManManga Canon
12From Whom The Bell TollsManga Canon
13To The SeaManga Canon
14GaimonManga Canon
15Enter: SanjiManga Canon
16Pirate Commodore Don KriegManga Canon
17StormManga Canon
18The OtahManga Canon
19My PrideManga Canon
20The Mighty Battle SpearManga Canon
21The SoupManga Canon
22Arlong ParkManga Canon
23Monsters Of The Grand LineManga Canon
24Seacharts and FishmenManga Canon
25Bell-mère-sanManga Canon
26LiveManga Canon
27OK! LET'S STAND UP!!!Manga Canon
28Chivalry VS. Fishman KarateManga Canon
29My TurnManga Canon
30HappinessManga Canon
31Spin. Pinwheel. Spin.Manga Canon
32The Town of Beginnings and EndingsManga Canon
33ParallelsManga Canon
34The Legend Has BegunManga Canon
35Reverse MountainManga Canon
36Cape PromiseManga Canon
37The Town Of CelebrationManga Canon
38The Secret Criminal OrganizationManga Canon
39Adventure On Little GardenManga Canon
40Dorry and BrogyManga Canon
41Foul PlayManga Canon
42Luffy VS. Mr.3Manga Canon
43Straight Ahead!!Manga Canon
44Tin-Plate WapolManga Canon
45Adventure in a nameless countryManga Canon
46The SummitManga Canon
47Enter: Tony Tony ChopperManga Canon
48Drum Island 05Manga Canon
49Drum Island 06Manga Canon
50Drum Island 07Manga Canon
51Drum Island 08Manga Canon
52Adventure In The Kingdom of SandManga Canon
53Sir Crocodile, the PirateManga Canon
54Landfall in AlabastaManga Canon
55Yuba The Town Of RebelsManga Canon
56I Love My CountryManga Canon
57Rainbase, The City Of DreamsManga Canon
58It BeginsManga Canon
59Rebellion!!!Manga Canon
60Rush!!Manga Canon
61Showdown At AlubarnaManga Canon
62Molehill Zone FourManga Canon
63Okama Kenpo Manga Canon
64Shes Who Control The Wheather Manga Canon
65Cutting SteelManga Canon
664:15PmManga Canon
67Hope!Manga Canon
68Croc-ishManga Canon
69I Will Defeat YouManga Canon
70Some JusticeManga Canon
71Vivi's AdventureManga Canon
72StowawayManga Canon
73Why the Log Pose is Spherical?Manga Canon
74Never DreamManga Canon
75Peoples DreamsManga Canon
76Noland The Liar Manga Canon
77Lets EatManga Canon
78The Hundred Million ManManga Canon
79The Highest Authority In The WorldManga Canon
80The Knock-Up StreamManga Canon
81Heaven's GateManga Canon
82Angel BeachManga Canon
83Divine JudgementManga Canon
84OrdealManga Canon
85Sadori, Preist Of The Forest Of No Return Manga Canon
86The Villiage Hidden In The CloudsManga Canon
87OvertureManga Canon
88VearthManga Canon
89Dial BattleManga Canon
90Pirate Luffy VS. Berserker WreckerManga Canon
91Pirate Chopper Vs. Preist Gedatsu Manga Canon
92Pirate Robin VS. Commander YamaManga Canon
93Concerto Manga Canon
94Pirate Zoro VS. Preist OhmManga Canon
95QuintetManga Canon
96ConisManga Canon
97Surfacing Manga Canon
98Capriccio Manga Canon
99GodkillerManga Canon
100We'll Be WaitingManga Canon
101Raigo Manga Canon
102Love SongManga Canon
103FantasiaManga Canon
104I Was HereManga Canon
105I Was Here V2Mixed Canon/Filler
106One Pace The Movie - Escape from Navarone Filler
107Adventure on a Long IslandManga Canon
108Dount Race!!Manga Canon
109Goggy Ring!!Manga Canon
110CombatManga Canon
111K.OManga Canon
112Navy HQ Admiral Aokiji Manga Canon
113The City Of Water, Water SevenManga Canon
114Iceburg-sanManga Canon
115The Case of the Kidnapped PirateManga Canon
116ImpasseManga Canon
117Luffy VS. Usopp Manga Canon
118Warning Manga Canon
119RumorsManga Canon
120DevilManga Canon
121Cipher Pol No. 9Manga Canon
122Six PowersManga Canon
123KlabautermannManga Canon
124The Legendary Shipwright Manga Canon
125Tom-sanManga Canon
126BingoManga Canon
127Departing SoonManga Canon
128Water Seven 16Manga Canon
129Water Seven 17Manga Canon
130Water Seven 18Manga Canon
131Water Seven 19Manga Canon
132Water Seven 20Manga Canon
133The Superhumans of Enies LobbyManga Canon
134The Big Showdown on the Judiciary Island!!Manga Canon
135Express to Enies Lobby, Main IslandManga Canon
136Fired Manga Canon
137Raise The Counterattack Signal Manga Canon
138UnprecedentedManga Canon

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