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Updated on January 19, 2020

Monster was an anime series that ran from 2004 to 2004. In total 17 episodes of Monster were aired. Monster has no reported filler.

Dr. Kenzou Tenma is a renowned brain surgeon of Japanese descent working in Europe. Highly lauded by his peers as one of the great young minds that will revolutionize the field, he is blessed with a beautiful fiancée and is on the cusp of a big promotion in the hospital he works at. But all of that is about to change with a grave dilemma that Kenzou faces one night—whether to save the life of a small boy or that of the town's mayor. Despite being pressured by his superiors to perform surgery on the mayor, his morals force him to perform the surgery on the other critical patient, saving his life and forfeiting the mayor's. A doctor is taught to believe that all life is equal; however, when a series of murders occur in the surgeon's vicinity, all of the evidence pointing to the boy he saved, Kenzou's beliefs are shaken. Along his journey to unravel the true identity of his little patient, Kenzou discovers that the fate of the world may be intertwined with the mysterious child.

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Manga Canon Episodes:1-17

Monster Episode List

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1Herr Dr. TenmaManga Canon2004-04-07
2DownfallManga Canon2004-04-14
3A MurderManga Canon2004-04-21
4Night of the ExecutionManga Canon2004-04-28
5The Girl of HeidelbergManga Canon2004-05-05
6The MissingManga Canon2004-05-12
7House of TragedyManga Canon2004-05-19
8PursuedManga Canon2004-05-26
9The Girl and the Seasoned SoldierManga Canon2004-06-01
10A Past ErasedManga Canon2004-06-09
11Kinderheim 511Manga Canon2004-06-16
12Modest ExperimentManga Canon2004-06-23
13Petra and SchumannManga Canon2004-06-30
14The Abandoned Man・The Abandoned WomanManga Canon2004-07-07
15Be My BabyManga Canon2004-07-14
16Wolf's ConfessionManga Canon2004-07-21
17ReunionManga Canon2004-07-28

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