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Updated on May 1, 2022

Monster was an anime series that ran from 2004 to 2005. In total 74 episodes of Monster were aired. Monster has no reported filler.

Dr. Kenzo Tenma is a famous surgeon with a promising career at a leading hospital. One day, Tenma risks his reputation and promising career to save the life of a critically wounded young boy. Unbeknownst to him, this child is destined for a terrible fate.

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Manga Canon Episodes:1-74

Monster Episode List

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1Herr Dr. TenmaManga Canon2004-04-07
2DownfallManga Canon2004-04-14
3Murder CaseManga Canon2004-04-21
4The Night of ExecutionManga Canon2004-04-28
5The Girl From HeidelbergManga Canon2004-05-05
6Disappearance Report Manga Canon2004-05-12
7Mansion of TragedyManga Canon2004-05-19
8The FugitiveManga Canon2004-05-26
9The Girl and the Seasoned SoldierManga Canon2004-06-01
10A Past ErasedManga Canon2004-06-09
11511 KinderheimManga Canon2004-06-16
12A Little ExperimentManga Canon2004-06-23
13Petra and SchumannManga Canon2004-06-30
14The Abandoned Man・The Abandoned WomanManga Canon2004-07-07
15Be My BabyManga Canon2004-07-14
16Wolf's ConfessionManga Canon2004-07-21
17ReunionManga Canon2004-07-28
18The Fifth Spoonful of SugarManga Canon2004-08-04
19The Monster's AbyssManga Canon2004-08-11
20Journey to FreihamManga Canon2004-08-18
21A Wonderful HolidayManga Canon2004-08-25
22Lunge's TrapManga Canon2004-09-01
23Eva's ConfessionManga Canon2004-09-08
24The Men's Dining TableManga Canon2004-09-15
25The Thursday BoyManga Canon2004-09-29
26The Secret WoodsManga Canon2004-10-06
27Pieces of EvidenceManga Canon2004-10-13
28Just One CaseManga Canon2004-10-20
29ExecutionManga Canon2004-10-27
30A Certain DecisionManga Canon2004-11-03
31Under Broad DaylightManga Canon2004-11-10
32SanctuaryManga Canon2004-11-17
33Scene of a ChildManga Canon2004-12-01
34At the End of the DarknessManga Canon2004-12-08
35A Hero With No NameManga Canon2004-12-15
36A Monster of ChaosManga Canon2004-12-22
37A Monster Without a NameManga Canon2005-01-12
38The Demon in Our EyesManga Canon2005-01-19
39The Hell in His EyesManga Canon2005-01-26
40GrimmerManga Canon2005-02-02
41The Ghost of 511Manga Canon2005-02-09
42The Adventures of the Magnificent SteinerManga Canon2005-02-16
43Detective SukManga Canon2005-02-23
44The Two DarknessManga Canon2005-03-02
45The Afterimage of a MonsterManga Canon2005-03-09
46The Point of ContactManga Canon2005-03-16
47The Door to a NightmareManga Canon2005-03-23
48The Most Frightening ThingManga Canon2005-03-30
49The Cruelest ThingManga Canon2005-04-06
50The Rose MansionManga Canon2005-04-13
51A Monster's Love LetterManga Canon2005-04-20
52LawyerManga Canon2005-04-27
53DeterminationManga Canon2005-05-04
54EscapeManga Canon2005-05-11
55Room Number 402Manga Canon2005-05-18
56The Unending JourneyManga Canon2005-05-25
57That NightManga Canon2005-06-01
58Unwanted JobManga Canon2005-06-08
59The Man Who Saw the DevilManga Canon2005-06-15
60The Man Who Knew Too MuchManga Canon2005-06-22
61The Door of MemoryManga Canon2005-06-29
62A Fun Dining TableManga Canon2005-07-06
63An Unrelated MurderManga Canon2005-07-13
64The Baby's DepressionManga Canon2005-07-20
65Johan's FootprintsManga Canon2005-07-27
66Welcome BackManga Canon2005-08-03
67I'm HomeManga Canon2005-08-10
68RuhenheimManga Canon2005-08-17
69A Peaceful HomeManga Canon2005-08-24
70The Town of SlaughterManga Canon2005-08-31
71The Magnificent Steiner's RageManga Canon2005-09-07
72Man Without a NameManga Canon2005-09-14
73The Landscape of the EndManga Canon2005-09-21
74The Real MonsterManga Canon2005-09-28

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