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Updated on September 23, 2018

Made in Abyss was an anime series that ran from 2017 to 2017. In total 13 episodes of Made in Abyss were aired. Made in Abyss has no reported filler.

In the town of Orth there is a massive chasm of unknown depth called The Abyss. The people who venture into the The Abyss to explore its treasures are called Divers. Red Whistle Diver Riko aspires to become a White Whistle like her mother, and explore everything The Abyss has to offer. After she finds a robot with the appearance of a boy and befriends him, they both decide to descend deep down into The Abyss.

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Canon Episodes:1-13

Made in Abyss Episode List

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1The City of the Great PitCanon2017-07-07
2Resurrection FestivalCanon2017-07-14
4The Edge of the AbyssCanon2017-07-28
6Seeker CampCanon2017-08-11
7The Unmovable SovereignCanon2017-08-18
8Survival TrainingCanon2017-08-25
9The Great FaultMostly Canon2017-09-01
10Poison and the CurseCanon2017-09-08
12The True Nature of the CurseMostly Canon2017-09-22
13The ChallengersCanon2017-09-29

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