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Updated on April 7, 2022

Hikaru no Go was an anime series that ran from 2001 to 2003. In total 75 episodes of Hikaru no Go were aired. With a total of 2 reported filler episodes, Hikaru no Go has a very low filler percentage of 3%.

While searching through his grandfather's attic, Hikaru Shindou stumbles upon an old go board. Touching it, he is greeted by a mysterious voice, and soon after falls unconscious. When he regains his senses, he discovers that the voice is still present and belongs to Sai Fujiwara no, the spirit of an ancient go expert. A go instructor for the Japanese Emperor in the Heian Era, Sai's passion for the game transcends time and space, allowing him to continue playing his beloved game as a ghostly entity. Sai's ultimate goal is to master a divine go technique that no player has achieved so far, and he seeks to accomplish this by playing the board game through Hikaru.

Despite having no interest in board games, Hikaru reluctantly agrees to play, executing moves as instructed by Sai. However, when he encounters the young go prodigy Akira Touya, a passion for the game is slowly ignited within him. Inspired by his newfound rival, Hikaru's journey into the world of go is just beginning.

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Manga Canon Episodes:1-63, 68-75
Mixed Canon/Filler Episodes:65, 67
Filler Episodes:64, 66

Hikaru no Go Episode List

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1Eternal RivalsManga Canon2001-10-10
2The Key PointManga Canon2001-10-17
3Akira Bares His FangsManga Canon2001-10-24
4Kaga of the Shogi ClubManga Canon2001-10-31
5An Inkling of an AwakeningManga Canon2001-11-07
6A Game of BeautyManga Canon2001-11-14
7I'm Not Going to Play YouManga Canon2001-11-21
8Rainy Day StrategyManga Canon2001-11-28
9EyesoreManga Canon2001-12-05
10The Third PlayerManga Canon2001-12-12
11A Very Despicable ActManga Canon2001-12-19
12No Cheating AllowedManga Canon2002-01-02
13A Personal ResolveManga Canon2002-01-09
14The Third MatchManga Canon2002-01-16
15The Ghost in the NetManga Canon2002-01-23
16Who Is Sai?Manga Canon2002-01-30
17Déjà VuManga Canon2002-02-06
18Akira vs. SaiManga Canon2002-02-13
19Hikaru's True StrengthManga Canon2002-02-20
20The Road to Turning ProManga Canon2002-02-27
21The Haze Middle School Go ClubManga Canon2002-03-06
22The Insei TestManga Canon2002-03-13
23The Championship RoomManga Canon2002-03-20
24Akira vs. The OzaManga Canon2002-03-27
25Fear and ImpatienceManga Canon2002-04-03
26Welcome to the A-LeagueManga Canon2002-04-10
27A Place to ReturnManga Canon2002-04-17
28The Young Lion's TournamentManga Canon2002-04-24
29Kuwabara Hon'inboManga Canon2002-05-01
30Ogata vs. The Hon'inboManga Canon2002-05-08
31The Awful OpponentManga Canon2002-05-15
32The Last Day of the PrelimsManga Canon2002-05-22
33We're A TeamManga Canon2002-05-29
34No Winning AllowedManga Canon2002-06-05
35Only One Can WinManga Canon2002-06-12
36My Name Is...Manga Canon2002-06-19
37The Pro Exam BeginsManga Canon2002-06-26
38The ChallengersManga Canon2002-07-03
39An Ill-Fated MomentManga Canon2002-07-10
40Where Are The Victories?Manga Canon2002-07-17
41Three Weeks isn't Enough!Manga Canon2002-07-24
42The First to PassManga Canon2002-07-31
43Hikaru vs. WayaManga Canon2002-08-07
44Comeback From the BrinkManga Canon2002-08-14
45Hikaru vs. OchiManga Canon2002-08-21
46The Final Day of the Pro ExamManga Canon2002-08-28
47Into The World Of the ProsManga Canon2002-09-04
48Sai Vs. MeijinManga Canon2002-09-11
49A Game of Desperate MeasuresManga Canon2002-09-18
50Fujiwara-No-SaiManga Canon2002-09-25
51Kurata 6-DanManga Canon2002-10-02
52Hikaru Vs. AkiraManga Canon2002-10-09
53The Acknowledgment of SaiManga Canon2002-10-16
54The Excitement MountsManga Canon2002-10-23
55Sai Vs. Koyo ToyaManga Canon2002-10-30
56After A Millennium Comes The Answer!Manga Canon2002-11-06
57Let Me Play Sai!Manga Canon2002-11-13
58One-Color GoManga Canon2002-11-20
59Koyo Toya Retires!Manga Canon2002-11-27
60Farewell HikaruManga Canon2002-12-04
61Is Sai Really Gone?Manga Canon2002-12-11
62Hiroshima's Top PlayerManga Canon2002-12-18
63I'm Never Gonna Play Again!Manga Canon2002-12-25
64Keicho Flower BowlsFiller2003-01-08
65Isumi no GoMixed Canon/Filler2003-01-15
66Fateful EncounterFiller2003-01-22
67Isumi's TestMixed Canon/Filler2003-01-29
68Losing By DefaultManga Canon2003-02-05
69A Determined VisitorManga Canon2003-02-12
70Sai Was HereManga Canon2003-02-19
71Making A ComebackManga Canon2003-02-26
72The Race is OnManga Canon2003-03-05
73Shindo vs. ToyaManga Canon2003-03-12
74The Power WithinManga Canon2003-03-19
75A Nostalgic SmileManga Canon2003-03-26

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