Hell Girl Filler List

(Jigoku Shōjo Girl)

Updated on April 22, 2019

Hell Girl was an anime series that ran from 2005 to 2017. In total 90 episodes of Hell Girl were aired. Hell Girl has no reported filler.

Jigoku Tsushin, a website that is only accessible exactly at midnight. If you post a hopeless grudge there, Hell Girl will appear and drag your hated foe into Hell. The rumor sounded like an urban myth, yet it spread among the young people and turned out to be true. The girl's name is Ai Enma. However, the legend does not speak of the contract with the Hell Girl. One day, Michiru, a mysterious girl appears in front of Ai Enma. Ai talks to Michiru, who doesn't remember who she is or why she is here. Who the hell is she?

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Manga Canon Episodes:1-84
Mixed Canon/Filler Episodes:85-90

Hell Girl Episode List

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1From Beyond the TwilightManga Canon2005-10-04
2The Possessed GirlManga Canon2005-10-11
3The Tarnished MoundManga Canon2005-10-18
4Silent CriesManga Canon2005-10-25
5The Woman in the High TowerManga Canon2005-11-01
6Early Afternoon WindowManga Canon2005-11-08
7Cracked MaskManga Canon2005-11-15
8Silent AcquaintancesManga Canon2005-11-22
9Sweet TrapManga Canon2005-11-29
10FriendsManga Canon2005-12-06
11Broken ThreadsManga Canon2005-12-13
12Spilled BitsManga Canon2005-12-20
13Purgatory GirlManga Canon2005-12-27
14Beyond the Dead AlleyManga Canon2006-01-03
15Island WomanManga Canon2006-01-17
16A Night Among Traveling EntertainersManga Canon2006-01-24
17Glass SceneryManga Canon2006-01-31
18Bound GirlManga Canon2006-02-07
19The Puppet BrideManga Canon2006-02-14
20Hell Girl vs. Hell BoyManga Canon2006-02-21
21Kind NeighborManga Canon2006-02-28
22Rain of RegreteManga Canon2006-03-07
23The Light of a WardManga Canon2006-03-14
24The Twilight VillageManga Canon2006-03-21
25Hell GirlManga Canon2006-03-28
26BastingManga Canon2006-04-04
27The Girl in the DarkManga Canon2006-10-07
28BubblesManga Canon2006-10-14
29Beloved KeiManga Canon2006-10-21
30SecretManga Canon2006-10-28
31Barreling Towards HellManga Canon2006-11-04
32Where the Sun ShinesManga Canon2006-11-11
33BondsManga Canon2006-11-18
34The Fake Hell LinkManga Canon2006-11-25
35Elder Brother, Younger SisterManga Canon2006-12-02
36Anna Sone's Intimate HolidayManga Canon2006-12-09
37The Distant Room Next DoorManga Canon2006-12-16
38Black RutManga Canon2006-12-23
39Tragedy of the VManga Canon2007-12-06
40The Peaceful LakeshoreManga Canon2007-12-13
41For the Sake of This CountryManga Canon2007-01-20
42Aspiring Femme FataleManga Canon2007-01-27
43Silent GazeManga Canon2007-02-03
44That Person's MemoryManga Canon2007-02-10
45Hell Amidst the Steam, Lodging for TravelersManga Canon2007-02-17
46A Maiden's AlbumManga Canon2007-02-24
47Paper Balloon WaftingManga Canon2007-03-03
48LongingManga Canon2007-03-10
49DistrustManga Canon2007-03-10
50Chain ReactionManga Canon2007-03-17
51AdriftManga Canon2007-03-31
52Dyeing IndigoManga Canon2007-04-07
53The Girl Who Found Herself RobbedManga Canon2008-10-04
54A Bird in a CageManga Canon2008-10-11
55Rotten FruitManga Canon2008-10-18
56Big BrotherManga Canon2008-10-25
57This Mundane WorldManga Canon2008-11-01
58My TeacherManga Canon2008-11-08
59LiarManga Canon2008-11-15
60NeighbourManga Canon2008-11-22
61Stray Inari SpiritManga Canon2008-11-29
62The Goldfish in the MirrorManga Canon2008-12-06
63Blotted PaperManga Canon2008-12-23
64The Midsummer ChartManga Canon2008-12-20
65Six Coin LanternsManga Canon2008-12-28
66The Street Corner of BitternessManga Canon2009-01-10
67The Rabbit and the TurtleManga Canon2009-01-17
68The Trap of TemptationManga Canon2009-01-24
69Inside the StrawManga Canon2009-01-31
70Special RadioManga Canon2009-02-01
71Snow, Moon and Cherry BlossomsManga Canon2009-02-14
72The Hell Professor vs. Hell GirlManga Canon2009-02-21
73Right in Front Behind YouManga Canon2009-02-28
74Flower and MoonManga Canon2009-03-07
75Twilight HillsManga Canon2009-03-14
76MayflyManga Canon2009-03-21
77YuzukiManga Canon2009-03-28
78The Path Left by a SoulManga Canon2009-04-04
79Can't Be Seen, Can't Be HeardManga Canon2017-07-14
80There's Only YouManga Canon2017-07-21
81Someday, Somebody Will...Manga Canon2017-07-28
82Bury Me DeepManga Canon2017-08-04
83I Can Hear the Song of the WindManga Canon2017-08-11
84TwillManga Canon2017-08-18
85Reminiscence: The Tarnished MoundMixed Canon/Filler2017-08-25
86Reminiscence: Early Afternoon WindowMixed Canon/Filler2017-09-01
87Reminiscence: Spilled BitsMixed Canon/Filler2017-09-08
88Reminiscence: Black RutMixed Canon/Filler2017-09-15
89Reminiscence: A Bird in a CageMixed Canon/Filler2017-09-22
90Reminiscence: Stray Inari SpiritMixed Canon/Filler2017-09-29

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