Great Teacher Onizuka Filler List

Updated on September 3, 2021

Great Teacher Onizuka was an anime series that ran from 1999 to 2000. In total 43 episodes of Great Teacher Onizuka were aired. With a total of 8 reported filler episodes, Great Teacher Onizuka has a low filler percentage of 19%.

Ex-gang member and virgin Eikichi Onizuka decides to become a teacher to meet girls after seeing how much influence they have over their students. After getting his teaching degree he comes to the realization that he can't in good conscience, take advantage of schoolgirls. Instead he strives to become the best teacher there is.

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Manga Canon Episodes:1-22, 24, 29-33, 35-41
Filler Episodes:23, 25-28, 34, 42-43

Great Teacher Onizuka Episode List

Hide Episode Titles
1GTO - The Legend BeginsManga Canon1999-06-30
2Enter Uchiyamada!Manga Canon1999-07-07
3Late Night Roof DivingManga Canon1999-07-21
4The Secret Life of OnizukaManga Canon1999-08-11
5An Eye for an Eye, a Butt for a ButtManga Canon1999-08-18
6Conspiracies All AroundManga Canon1999-08-25
7The Mother of all CrushesManga Canon1999-09-01
8Bungee Jumping Made EasyManga Canon1999-09-08
9Onizuka and the Art of WarManga Canon1999-09-22
10Outside Looking InManga Canon1999-09-22
11To Be Idolized by a NationManga Canon1999-10-17
12The Formula for TreacheryManga Canon1999-10-31
13Only the Best Will DoManga Canon1999-11-21
14Between a Rock and a Hard PlaceManga Canon1999-12-05
15The Great SacrificeManga Canon1999-12-12
16Beauty + Brains = A Dangerous MixManga Canon1999-12-19
17Falling for The Great OnizukaManga Canon2000-01-16
18How to Dine and DashManga Canon2000-01-23
19Private InvestigationsManga Canon2000-01-30
20Love LettersManga Canon2000-02-06
21Revolution EverywhereManga Canon2000-02-13
22The Art of DemolitionManga Canon2000-02-20
24Compromising PositionsManga Canon2000-03-05
25Playing Doctor - GTO StyleFiller2000-03-12
26Onizuka Meets His MatchFiller2000-03-19
27GTO - Agent to the StarsFiller2000-04-02
28Whatever Can Go Wrong, Will Go WrongFiller2000-04-16
29Studies in High FinanceManga Canon2000-04-23
30Money Talks, GTO WalksManga Canon2000-04-30
31Destination: OkinawaManga Canon2014-02-07
32The Law of ProbabilityManga Canon2000-05-14
33Search and RescueManga Canon2000-05-28
34Good CopBad CopFiller2000-06-04
35Wedding Bell BluesManga Canon2000-06-11
36Self-ImprovementManga Canon2000-06-18
37Living TogetherManga Canon2000-07-16
38Great Treasure OkinawaManga Canon2000-07-30
39Alone in the DarkManga Canon2000-08-13
40Matters of the HeartManga Canon2000-08-20
41ConfessionsManga Canon2000-08-27
42Old Wounds RevisitedFiller2000-09-10
43Onizuka's Final BattleFiller2000-09-17

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