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Updated on May 16, 2020

Fruits Basket was an anime series that ran from 2001 to 2001. In total 26 episodes of Fruits Basket were aired. Fruits Basket has no reported filler.

The Sohma family has been cursed for generations. When a member of the clan is embraced by a person of the opposite sex, they transform into an animal from the Chinese Zodiac! After keeping their secret hidden for years, their unusual household is turned upside down when young Tohru stumbles into their life. She must promise to keep their secret as one of her own—or face the consequences!

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Manga Canon Episodes:1-24
Mixed Canon/Filler Episodes:25-26

Fruits Basket Episode List

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1The Strangest DayManga Canon2001-07-05
2The Sohma CurseManga Canon2001-07-12
3All Shapes and SizesManga Canon2001-07-19
4Here Comes Kagura!Manga Canon2001-07-26
5A Rice Ball in a Fruits BasketManga Canon2001-08-02
6Invincible FriendshipManga Canon2001-08-09
7A Plum on the BackManga Canon2001-08-16
8Don't Cry, For the Snow will Surely MeltManga Canon2017-12-23
9A Solitary New YearManga Canon2001-08-30
10Make It Clear If It's Black or WhiteManga Canon2001-09-06
11Everybody Loves ChocolateManga Canon2001-09-13
12White DayManga Canon2001-09-20
13A New School Term Starts!Manga Canon2001-09-27
14The Adult's Episode - Ayame's a Messed Up Snake!Manga Canon2001-10-04
15There Are No Memories It's OK to ForgetManga Canon2001-10-11
16If We've Three Then We Don't Need To Fear JasonManga Canon2001-10-18
17It's Because I've Been Loved That I've Become StrongerManga Canon2001-10-25
18The Strongest Tag - The Cursed Electric Wave Brother and SisterManga Canon2001-11-01
19The Source of Cheer Can Be Affected By Colds TooManga Canon2001-11-08
20Ayame's Secret LifeManga Canon2001-11-15
21Sophist Boy Has Captured The PrinceManga Canon2001-11-22
22Prince Yuki Fan ClubManga Canon2001-11-29
23Is The Rumored Ri That Mother's Daughter?Manga Canon2001-12-06
24The Curse of the CatManga Canon2001-12-13
25True FormMixed Canon/Filler2001-12-20
26Let's Go HomeMixed Canon/Filler2001-12-27

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