Moonlit Elegance

Arriving at Ryuudou Temple, Saber battles an Assassin-class Servant claiming to be Sasaki Kojirō, who is guarding the temple gateway. Simultaneously, Rider breaches the temple's perimeter, but is attacked by skeletal beings called Golems and confronts their creator, a Caster-class Servant. Sensing the danger Saber is in, Shirō rushes to Ryuudou Temple on his own. After dodging Assassin's specialized attack, Saber uses whatever mana she has and prepares to use her Noble Phantasm, which gives Rider an opportunity to escape when she is outmatched by Caster. Saber's Noble Phantasm is then interrupted by an arriving Shirō, which prompts Assassin to leave and Saber to collapse from a lack of mana. Shirō then carries her back home, where she regains consciousness. When Saber criticizes Shirō for repeatedly protecting her and forcing her to not fight, Rin responds that it is because he simply does not want to see her hurt. As a result, Saber agrees to teach him how to fight with a sword. 

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