Despicable Act

Saber confronts Shirō over not summoning her against Rider. Later on, she insists on accompanying him and Sakura to school. The exchange becomes even more tense when Rin stops by, lying that she and Shirō have agreed to walk each other to school, which causes Sakura to believe the two of them are dating and rush off in tears. Rin then successfully negotiates with Saber into allowing Shirō to walk with her alone. At school, after making up with Sakura, Shirō learns from Rin that Mitsuzuri was found alive, having been attacked by a Servant, presumed to be Rider. After discovering that Shirō can detect sigils related to a magical barrier placed over the entire school, Rin and Shirō set out to destroy most of them. Afterwards, the two bond over drinks and Shirō learns about Rin's late father. At the end of the day, after Rin leaves, Shirō feels the presence of an extremely large sigil and discovers it in the school dojo. He is then confronted by Rider and her Master, who is revealed to be Shinji. 

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