Winter Days, the Form Wishes Take

As Shinji's Servant tears out Illyasviel's heart from her corpse, Shirō and Rin confront him and Shinji himself. When Rin threatens to kill Shinji, the two are forced to leave, but not before Shinji reveals his Servant's name to be Gilgamesh. While burying Illyasviel, Rin confronts Shirō about his ideals and tells him that he needs to prioritize himself over others, otherwise he will break. He refutes this by telling her of the time Kiritsugu rescued him, which caused him to admire him. However, Rin tells him that it is still wrong to value the lives of others over his own, citing that someone who was spared from a terrible tragedy has to live out their life to the fullest and that wishing for the happiness of others is no different from a machine. Despite her argument, Shirō remains committed to his ideals. Later on, as they evaluate Gilgamesh's power and conclude that Caster is still their priority, the two are approached by Lancer, who offers his assistance, which they accept. Meanwhile, Archer learns that Kuzuki is helping Caster return to her original era using the Holy Grail. Archer later confronts Shirō, Rin, and Lancer as they arrive at the church. Lancer engages Archer to give Shirō and Rin time to breach the church. As they do so, Rin informs Shirō that only one jewel (the same one he previously returned to her) exists in the world, and that Archer had already returned such a jewel to her. 

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