Winter Day, Fateful Night

Shirō Emiya is woken up by Sakura, a close friend of his who visits his home frequently. After having breakfast with her and Taiga, who is his legal guardian, he goes to school and fixes a heater for Issei, which is briefly observed by Rin. Issei remarks that Shirō never hesitates in helping people in need and warns him that he may be taken advantage of by inconsiderate people. While walking home from school, he encounters a silver-haired girl, who warns him to summon a Servant soon before vanishing. The next day, while helping Sakura with the dishes, Shirō notices a bruise on her hand and assumes that Shinji is beating her. At school, he learns from Mitsuzuri that Shinji has recently been acting more aggressively. He is then informed by other students of the murders of a family of four; while visiting the crime scene, Shirō recalls the time he was rescued by Kiritsugu Emiya in the aftermath of a devastating fire that occurred ten years ago, later being adopted by him and learning that he is a mage. He then notes how he had devoted his life to Kiritsugu's ideal of becoming a hero of justice. The following day, he stays late at school and confronts Shinji about Sakura's injury, but Shinji denies any involvement before asking Shirō to clean the school's kyūdō dojo, which he decides to do. After finishing, he witnesses the fight between Archer and Lancer, the latter of whom notices him. Fleeing inside the school, Shirō is suddenly cornered by Lancer, who stabs him in the heart and flees. Shirō nearly dies from his wound, but is revived by Rin, who then quickly leaves before he can recognize her. Returning home, he is attacked by Lancer again and forced to flee into the backyard shed. There, he accidentally summons Saber, who wards off Lancer after a brief battle. After identifying Shirō as her Master, Saber engages Archer in a sword-fight, forcing Shirō to use one of his Command Seals to stop her assault. The two are then greeted by a calm Rin. 

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