Princess of Colchis

At his home, Shirō tells Rin that he plans on continuing to fight in the Holy Grail War, even without a Servant. She replies that she has no choice but to let him before reaffirming their partnership. While discussing a strategy to defeat Caster and rescue Saber, the two decide to team up with Illyasviel, since Archer had told Rin that Berserker is in fact the ancient Greek hero Heracles, which might give them an advantage against Caster. Meanwhile, Caster recounts the time when she was summoned for the Holy Grail War by another magus, only to be unsatisfied by his inefficient method of acquiring mana for her. After Caster asked that she be allowed to acquire mana herself, the magus realized he could not trust a magic user better than himself. As a result, he contacted Kirei and asked for another Servant, but Kirei told him to dispatch Caster first before making another Master-Servant pact. The magus then sent out a contract for Caster's death to Lancer's Master, a colleague. In the meantime, she destroyed the magus's workshop, and then killed him when he returned and tried to use his Command Seals to force her into committing suicide. She was then gravely injured by Lancer and barely escaped with her life, but was saved by Kuzuki, who became her new Master. In the present day, Illyasviel observes Shirō and Rin traveling to her villa and sends her out maids to receive them. However, the villa is breached by Shinji and his new Servant, who reveals that the Holy Grail's vessel is being held inside Illyasviel. When the maids try to protect Illyasviel, the Servant kills them with a Noble Phantasm that summons numerous swords. He is then confronted by Illyasviel, who orders Berserker to attack him. 

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