Finding the Will to Fight

Shirō wakes up in his home, uninjured and Rin sitting at his side. She leaves, but not before telling him that when they meet next time, it will be as enemies. Shirō then finds Saber in the dojo, and she reveals that he has self-healing magical capabilities, explaining the absence of the injuries he sustained in the battle with Berserker. Saber then explains the mechanics of the seven Servants and the advantages and disadvantages of knowing a Servant's real-life identity, then asks that she not reveal her identity to him since he is an inexperienced mage, a request he approves of. Shirō and Saber then go to school to deliver lunch to the archery club. There, Saber explores the school and has a tense encounter with Sōichirō Kuzuki, one of the instructors, before they are interrupted by Shirō. Later that day, while still at the school, Shirō is approached by Mitsuzuri, who asks if he will rejoin the archery club before noting he has never smiled in his life. While walking home with Saber, Sakura, and Taiga, he explains that Saber is a friend of Kiritsugu's and will be staying with him temporarily. Sakura is seemingly horrified by the idea, but Taiga approves under the condition that she stay in the home as well during that time. Elsewhere, Rin and Archer investigate an office building purportedly having a gas leak and find it is actually the work of another Servant who is absorbing the life force of the employees inside. They theorize that the Servant responsible is of the Caster class and is likely at Ryuudou Temple. When Rin decides to pursue Caster, Archer notes that she is ignoring Shirō, who she could easily kill to get him out of her way, and asks what will happen if Shirō approaches her again. 

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