The Familiar Of Zero Filler List

(Zero No Tsukaima)

Updated on November 5, 2018

The Familiar Of Zero was an anime series that ran from 2006 to 2012. In total 49 episodes of The Familiar Of Zero were aired. The Familiar Of Zero has no reported filler.

Louise is the worst magician of her school and hence is called 'Zero Louise'. She thinks she can prove herself by summoning a very powerful familiar. But on the familiar summoning test, she summons a boy called Saito Hiraga from another world. And so the misadventures of Zero Louise and her familiar begin.......

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Manga Canon Episodes:1-49

The Familiar Of Zero Episode List

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1Louise the ZeroManga Canon2006-07-03
2Commoner FamiliarManga Canon2006-07-10
3Feverish TemptationManga Canon2006-07-17
4A Maid's CrisisManga Canon2006-07-24
5Tristein's PrincessManga Canon2006-07-31
6A Thief's IdentityManga Canon2006-08-07
7Louise's Part-Time JobManga Canon2006-08-14
8Tabitha's SecretManga Canon2006-08-21
9Louise's Change of HeartManga Canon2006-08-28
10A Princess' RequestManga Canon2006-09-04
11Louise's MarriageManga Canon2006-09-11
12Zero TreasureManga Canon2006-09-18
13Louise the VoidManga Canon2006-09-25
14Her Majesty, the Queen's ZeroManga Canon2007-07-09
15The Oath of Wind and WaterManga Canon2007-07-16
16The Paladin's SwordManga Canon2007-07-23
17The Three Vallière SistersManga Canon2007-07-30
18The Spy's SealManga Canon2007-08-06
19The Queen's VacationManga Canon2007-08-13
20The Underground Secret DocumentManga Canon2007-08-20
21The Magic Institute's CrisisManga Canon2007-08-27
22The Atonement of FlamesManga Canon2007-09-03
23The Enemy on Snowy AlpsManga Canon2007-09-10
24The Silver PentecostManga Canon2007-09-17
25The Farewell Wedding CeremonyManga Canon2007-09-24
26The Familiar's MarkManga Canon2008-07-06
27The Elf of the ForestManga Canon2008-07-13
28The Return of the HeroManga Canon2008-07-20
29The Rumored Accepted StudentManga Canon2008-07-27
30The Alluring Women's BathManga Canon2008-08-03
31Forbidden Magic DrugManga Canon2008-08-10
32Slepnir BallManga Canon2008-08-17
33The Eastern Pursuit!Manga Canon2008-08-24
34Tabitha's Younger SisterManga Canon2008-08-31
35Border Mountain PassManga Canon2008-09-07
36Captive in Al HambraManga Canon2008-09-14
37Wings of FreedomManga Canon2008-09-21
38Louise of the Holy GroundManga Canon2012-01-07
39Aquileia's Shrine MaidenManga Canon2012-01-14
40The Incompetent King Gone MadManga Canon2012-01-21
41The Queen's RewardManga Canon2012-01-28
42The Maidens of De OrnielleManga Canon2012-02-04
43Trouble at the Outdoor BathManga Canon2012-02-11
44Elves from the DesertManga Canon2012-02-18
45Escape Through the SewerManga Canon2012-02-25
46Tabitha's CoronationManga Canon2012-03-03
47The Awakening of CalamityManga Canon2012-03-10
48Louise's ChoiceManga Canon2012-03-17
49The Familiar of ZeroManga Canon2012-03-24

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