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Updated on August 17, 2021

DURARARA!! was an anime series that ran from 2010 to 2016. In total 60 episodes of DURARARA!! were aired. DURARARA!! has no reported filler.

Mikado Ryugamine is a young man who yearns for the city. At the invitation of his childhood friend, Masaomi, he moves to Ikebukuro, Tokyo a bustling city full of unusual people such as a headless rider, a bartender with super strength, a psychotic information broker and a mysterious colourless gang called the Dollars......

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Manga Canon Episodes:1-60

DURARARA!! Episode List

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1Exit 1/First Words (Opening)Manga Canon2010-01-08
2Highly UnpredictableManga Canon2010-01-15
3Rampant EvilManga Canon2010-01-22
4Utterly AloneManga Canon2010-01-29
5False AdvertisingManga Canon2010-02-05
6Active InterestManga Canon2010-02-12
7Bad-Bartender DudeManga Canon2010-02-19
8Ephemeral DreamManga Canon2010-02-26
9Love and CherishManga Canon2010-03-05
10Never Before SeenManga Canon2010-03-12
11Storm and StressManga Canon2010-03-19
12Yin and YangManga Canon2010-03-26
13Takes A Sudden TurnManga Canon2010-04-09
14Turmoil ReignsManga Canon2010-04-16
15Dumb Like a FoxManga Canon2010-04-23
16Mutual LoveManga Canon2010-04-30
17Everything ChangesManga Canon2010-05-07
18Out of Your ControlManga Canon2010-05-17
19AnarchyManga Canon2010-05-21
20A New King Will AriseManga Canon2010-05-20
21Everything Covered in FogManga Canon2010-06-04
22Declaration of DisbandmentManga Canon2010-06-11
23Complicated and ConfusedManga Canon2010-06-18
24Selfless DevotionManga Canon2010-06-25
25A Picture Is Worth a Thousand WordsManga Canon2015-01-10
26Harmony Is the Greatest of VirtuesManga Canon2015-01-17
27Adding Insult to InjuryManga Canon2015-01-24
28When in Rome, Do as the Romans DoManga Canon2015-01-31
29No One Knows what the Future HoldsManga Canon2015-02-07
30A Crow in the Dark NightManga Canon2015-02-14
31Moscow Does Not Believe In TearsManga Canon2015-02-21
32The Ladies' Man Has Neither Money Nor PowerManga Canon2015-02-28
33The Night is Falling, and the Way is LongManga Canon2015-03-07
34Like Father, Like SonManga Canon2015-03-14
35No Use Crying Over Spilt MilkManga Canon2015-03-21
36Adversity Makes a Man StrongManga Canon2015-03-28
37Love Thy EnemyManga Canon2015-07-04
38Life is but a DreamManga Canon2015-07-11
39Marriges are made in HeavenManga Canon2015-07-18
40A Rumor only lasts Seventy-Five DaysManga Canon2015-07-25
41Asleep or AwakeManga Canon2015-08-01
42Roses Have ThornsManga Canon2015-08-08
43A Cat Has Nine LivesManga Canon2015-08-15
44Mouth Of Honey, A Needle In The HeartManga Canon2015-08-22
45Eloquent and CompetentManga Canon2015-08-29
46Blessed are the FoolishManga Canon2015-09-12
47Birds of a FeatherManga Canon2015-09-19
48It Takes a Thief to Catch a ThiefManga Canon2015-09-26
49Even a Chance Acquaintance is Decreed by DestinyManga Canon2016-01-09
50Bell the CatManga Canon2016-01-16
51All in the Same BoatManga Canon2016-01-23
52Blood is Thicker Than WaterManga Canon2016-01-30
53Lost in the DarkManga Canon2016-02-06
54In For a Penny, In For a PoundManga Canon2016-02-13
55No Love LostManga Canon2016-02-20
56A Tiger Dies and Leaves His SkinManga Canon2016-02-27
57Walking on Thin IceManga Canon2016-03-05
58TelepathyManga Canon2016-03-12
59Life is an Unknown CourseManga Canon2016-03-19
60Those Who Meet Must PartManga Canon2016-03-26

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