The Devil Is a Part-Timer! Filler List

(Hataraku Maou-Sama!)

Updated on December 17, 2023

The Devil Is a Part-Timer! was an anime series that ran from 2013 to 2013. In total 13 episodes of The Devil Is a Part-Timer! were aired. The Devil Is a Part-Timer! has no reported filler.

Foiled by a hero when he’s inches away from conquering the world, the devil finds himself in modern-day Tokyo. With no real-world skills to speak of, the devil is forced to make ends meet flipping burgers at a fast food joint! To stall any further plans of world domination, the hero tracks the devil’s trail and takes on the lowly tasks of a telemarketer.

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Manga Canon Episodes:1-13

The Devil Is a Part-Timer! Episode List

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1The Devil Arrives in SasazukaManga Canon2013-04-04
2The Hero Stays at the Devil's Castle for Work ReasonsManga Canon2013-04-11
3The Devil Goes on a Date with His Junior in ShinjukuManga Canon2013-04-18
4The Hero Experiences Human WarmthManga Canon2013-04-25
5The Devil and the Hero Save SasazukaManga Canon2013-05-02
6The Devil Climbs the Stairway to SchoolManga Canon2013-05-09
7The Devil's Budget Is Saved by NeighborlinessManga Canon2013-05-16
8The Hero Enters the FrayManga Canon2013-05-23
9The Hero Experiences a FrayManga Canon2015-05-30
10The Devil and the Hero Take a Break from the Daily RoutineManga Canon2013-06-06
11The Hero Stays True to Her ConvictionsManga Canon2013-06-13
12The Devil Carries Out His DutiesManga Canon2013-06-20
13The Devil and the Hero Do Some Honest Hard WorkManga Canon2013-06-27

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