Carnival Phantasm Filler List

Updated on April 22, 2019

Carnival Phantasm was an anime series that ran from 2011 to 2011. In total 12 episodes of Carnival Phantasm were aired. Carnival Phantasm has no reported filler.

The Ahnenerbe is a pub/shop that appears and disappears among parallel worlds. Once every ten years, an event called "The Carnival Moment" occurs, where tales from other dimensions and worlds cross paths, allowing characters from various tales to encounter each other. These characters are then subjected to a series of situations and parodies not seen in their respective works they come from.

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Manga Canon Episodes:1-12

Carnival Phantasm Episode List

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15th Great Clash of the MagiciansManga Canon2011-08-12
2Badump! Melty Blood!Manga Canon2011-08-12
3It's a Daydream EverywhereManga Canon2011-08-12
4Badump! Date Super Plan!Manga Canon2011-08-12
5Berserker's First ErrandManga Canon2011-10-28
6Type-Moon Serial TV Novel SakuraManga Canon2011-10-28
7An Expert GiftManga Canon2011-10-28
8Saber at workManga Canon2011-10-28
9Holy Grail Grand PrixManga Canon2011-12-31
10Loli ReversionManga Canon2011-12-31
11Final Dead LancerManga Canon2011-12-31
12Badump! Date Super Plan Answer!Manga Canon2011-12-31

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