Black Lagoon Filler List

Updated on November 11, 2017

Black Lagoon was an anime series that ran from 2006 to 2011. In total 29 episodes of Black Lagoon were aired. Black Lagoon has no reported filler.

The Black Lagoon, a boat commanded by a bunch of mercenaries, transports goods around the Southeast Asian seas. A Japanese businessman gets kidnapped by one of the mercenaries for ransom money, but he somehow ends up staying with the crew and joins the many thrills and dangers.

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Canon Episodes:1-29

Black Lagoon Episode List

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1The Black LagoonCanon2006-04-08
2Mangrove HeavenCanon2006-04-15
3Ring-Ding Ship ChaseCanon2006-04-22
4Die Rückkehr des AdlersCanon2006-04-29
5Eagle Hunting and Hunting EaglesCanon2006-05-06
6Moonlit Hunting GroundsCanon2006-05-13
7Calm Down, Two MenCanon2006-05-20
8Rasta BlastaCanon2006-05-27
9Maid to KillCanon2006-06-03
10The Unstoppable ChambermaidCanon2006-06-10
11Lock'n Load RevolutionCanon2006-06-17
12Guerrillas in the JungleCanon2006-06-24
13The Vampire Twins ComenCanon2006-10-02
14Bloodsport FairytaleCanon2006-10-09
15Swan Song at DawnCanon2006-10-16
16Greenback JaneCanon2006-10-23
17The Roanapur Freakshow CircusCanon2006-10-30
18Mr. Benny's Good FortuneCanon2006-11-06
19Fujiyama Gangsta ParadiseCanon2006-11-13
20The SuccessionCanon2006-11-20
21Two Father's Little Soldier GirlsCanon2006-11-27
22The Dark TowerCanon2006-12-04
23Snow White's PaybackCanon2006-12-11
24The GunslingersCanon2006-12-18
25Collateral MassacreCanon2010-07-17
26An Office Man's TacticsCanon2010-09-30
27Angels in the CrosshairsCanon2011-01-07
28Oversaturation Kill BoxCanon2011-03-11
29Codename Paradise, Status MIACanon2011-06-22

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