Meeting in a Dream

Xiang Ying woke up from a dream where she could not find Ryo. Scared, she told Ryo about it. He recommended she tells the Doc about it when she goes to her periodic physical checkup. When she arrived, the Doc mistook her for Kaori because of the similar entrance. She had fallen asleep when waiting for Ryo to come pick her up and had another dream. In this dream, Ryo was injured and Kaori came to his aid, but she wasn't too happy. The setting changed and Kaori's cooking for her brother as she's leaving for her nursing job. While there, her brother, a detective from police department, demanded Doc to hand Ryo over to the police as the identities he carried were all fake but Kaori argued that at the moment, he's only a patient. With the Doc's help, her brother's came to realize that she became a nurse for his sake. During Kaori's night shift, Ryo got ready to kill Kaori as she noticed he was awake. 

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