Yona of the Dawn Filler List

(Akatsuki no Yona)

Updated on February 19, 2020

Yona of the Dawn was an anime series that ran from 2014 to 2015. In total 23 episodes of Yona of the Dawn were aired. Yona of the Dawn has no reported filler.

On the night of Yona's sixteenth birthday, she decides to come and see her father, Emperor Il, to tell him about how she truly feels about Soo-Won, only to see that the man that Yona had so dearly loved and admired had murdered her father. As Hak and Yona escape the once peaceful and carefree life Yona had lived for her entire life, the two set out to find people with special powers to aid Yona and her friend.

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Manga Canon Episodes:1, 3-22, 24
Mixed Canon/Filler Episodes:2

Yona of the Dawn Episode List

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1Princess YonaManga Canon2014-10-07
2Broken BondMixed Canon/Filler2014-10-14
3Faraway SkyManga Canon2014-10-21
4The Wind ClanManga Canon2014-10-28
5RoarManga Canon2014-11-04
6The Crimson HairManga Canon2014-11-11
7FateManga Canon2014-11-18
8The Chosen DoorManga Canon2014-11-25
9Wavering DeterminationManga Canon2014-12-02
10YearnManga Canon2014-12-09
11The Dragon's ClawsManga Canon2014-12-16
12The Blindfolded DragonManga Canon2014-12-23
13The Rippling FearManga Canon2015-01-06
14LightManga Canon2015-01-13
15To a New LandManga Canon2015-01-20
16Pretend-WarManga Canon2015-01-27
17Pirate of AwaManga Canon2015-02-03
18BondManga Canon2015-02-10
19Trial of the Cheonsu PlantManga Canon2015-02-17
20Chain of CourageManga Canon2015-02-24
21SparkManga Canon2015-03-02
22History Is Made at NightManga Canon2015-03-10
24From Here On Manga Canon2015-03-24

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