Kill the Darkness

Tatsumi heads for the capital despite warnings about the area's dark nature. He needs to raise money for his village. Shortly after arriving, Tatsumi is robbed by a woman. He has to sleep in the streets. However, he is invited to the manor of a young rich girl named Aria. Aria takes pity on him. Tatsumi waits for his best friends, Sayo and Ieyasu, to arrive in the capital. Tatsumi learns of an assassin group named Night Raid. Night Raid members are wanted for numerous murders. Night Raid appears one night and starts killing Aria's guards and her parents. Tatsumi faces off against Night Raid member Akame. Their duel is interrupted by Leone. She is the same woman who robbed him. Leone reveals to Tatsumi that Aria and her parents have tortured several people from the countryside including Ieyasu and Sayo. Sayo is already dead. Tatsumi kills Aria just before Ieyasu dies. Leone is impressed with Tatsumi's ability to kill mercilessly. She invites him to join Night Raid. 

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