Akame ga Kill! Filler List

Updated on March 30, 2018

Akame ga Kill! was an anime series that ran from 2014 to 2014. In total 24 episodes of Akame ga Kill! were aired. With a total of 5 reported filler episodes, Akame ga Kill! has a moderate filler percentage of 21%.

Under the rule of a tyrannical empire, Tatsumi, a young swordsman, leaves his home to save his poverty stricken village. He meets a girl named Akame, an assassin who was bought, brainwashed and trained to kill by the Empire. Akame is a member of the secret assassin group called “Night Raid” who use special weapons called Teigu. Together, Tatsumi and the members of Night Raid confront the corrupt empire.

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Filler Episodes:20-24
Canon Episodes:1-19

Akame ga Kill! Episode List

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1Kill the DarknessCanon2014-07-06
2Kill the AuthorityCanon2014-07-13
3Kill Your CaresCanon2014-07-20
4Kill the Imperial Arm UsersCanon2014-07-27
5Kill the DreamCanon2014-08-03
6Kill the Absolute JusticeCanon2014-08-10
7Kill the Three -Part One-Canon2014-08-17
8Kill the Three -Part Two-Canon2014-08-24
9Kill the Lust for CombatCanon2014-08-31
10Kill the SeductionCanon2014-09-07
11Kill the Mad ScientistCanon2014-09-14
12Kill the NewcomersCanon2014-09-21
13Kill the NuisancesCanon2014-09-28
14Kill the Giant Danger BeastCanon2014-10-05
15Kill the Religious OrganizationCanon2014-10-12
16Kill the DollsCanon2014-10-19
17Kill the CurseCanon2014-10-26
18Kill the DemonCanon2014-11-02
19Kill the FateMostly Canon2014-11-09
20Kill the CarnageFiller2014-11-16
21Kill the DespairMostly Filler2014-11-23
22Kill the Little SisterFiller2014-11-30
23Kill the EmperorFiller2014-12-07
24Akame ga Kill!Filler2014-12-14