Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS Filler List

Updated on June 12, 2018

Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS is an ongoing anime series that started in 2017. So far 56 episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS have been aired. With a total of 3 reported filler episodes, Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS has a very low filler percentage of 5%.

In “Den City”, people were dueling day and night in the VR world called "LINK VRAINS" managed by SOL Technology Inc. Yusaku Fujiki is a quiet high school student with a great insight. He has been transforming himself into his avatar "Playmaker", to battle the "Knights of Hanoi” that plots to destroy "LINK VRAINS".

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Filler Episodes:13, 29, 38
Canon Episodes:1-12, 14-28, 30-37, 39-56

Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS Episode List

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1My Name Is PlaymakerCanon2017-05-10
2Seize the Wind! Storm AccessCanon2017-05-17
3First ContactCanon2017-05-24
4Charisma Duelist Go OnizukaCanon2017-05-31
5The Three Count RingsCanon2017-06-07
6Idol!! Blue AngelCanon2017-06-14
7Hanoi's AngelCanon2017-06-21
8Controller of the WindCanon2017-07-05
9Enemy I was SeekingCanon2017-07-12
10Impact! Cyberse VanishesCanon2017-07-19
11Roar of the Magazine BorreloadCanon2017-07-26
12Impregnable Defending Dragon FirewallCanon2017-08-02
13Battle RecordMostly Filler2017-08-09
14Ghost Girl's InvitationCanon2017-08-16
15Altergeist that Hides in the DarknessCanon2017-08-23
16Infiltrate SOL's Cyber FortressCanon2017-08-30
17Flawless A.I. DuelistCanon2017-09-06
18Wound Etched Into His HeartCanon2017-09-13
19Incident Buried in DarknessCanon2017-09-20
20Unyielding JusticeCanon2017-09-27
21Embers of a New BattleCanon2017-10-04
22Blackened SunCanon2017-10-11
23Genome's GiantCanon2017-10-18
24Dark Mask's Burden of FateCanon2017-10-25
25Virus Deck OperationCanon2017-11-01
26Three Draws Leading to HopeCanon2017-11-08
27Naoki Shima the FighterCanon2017-11-15
28Final Commander of the Three KnightsCanon2017-11-22
29Kusanagi ReportMostly Filler2017-11-29
30Doorway to the AbyssCanon2017-12-06
31The Final TriggerCanon2017-12-13
32Tower of HanoiCanon2017-12-20
33Angel With Blue TearsCanon2017-12-27
34Sacred TreeCanon2018-01-10
35The Other Lost IncidentCanon2018-01-17
36Worthless JusticeCanon2018-01-24
37My Mother TreeCanon2018-01-31
38Hanoi's RecollectionMostly Filler2018-02-07
39Bullet Buried in DarknessCanon2018-02-14
40Thirst for VictoryCanon2018-02-21
41Deceitful TruthCanon2018-02-28
42Stardust Road's GuidanceCanon2018-03-07
43Birth of the IgnisCanon2018-03-14
44Prisoner of DestinyCanon2018-03-21
45Duel in the Extreme DomainCanon2018-03-28
46The Circuit that Draws the FutureCanon2018-04-04
47Playmaker ReturnsCanon2018-04-11
48Judgement ArrowCanon2018-04-18
49Duelist Clad in FlamesCanon2018-04-25
50Transfer Student Takeru HomuraCanon2018-05-02
51Man Who Gave Up CharismaCanon2018-05-09
52Hero In Name OnlyCanon2018-05-16
53Bounty Hunter Blood SheperdCanon2018-05-23
54Terrifying BattledroneCanon2018-05-30
55To the Unknown WorldCanon2018-06-06
56Blue Girl's First Battle!Canon2018-06-13

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