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Updated on March 28, 2024

Undead Unluck was an anime series that ran from 2023 to 2024. In total 24 episodes of Undead Unluck were aired. Undead Unluck has no reported filler.

Fuuko Izumo came to a conclusion that she is ready to end her life after finishing her beloved romance manga. She's been cursed with a condition that brings terrible misfortune, like death, to anyone who comes into contact with her.

She then meets a man called "Undead" who is apparently immortal. Fuuko however calls him "Andy" as a nickname. Being skeptical at first, Fuuko decides to team up with him to help achieve Andy's goal, which is a meaningful death. However, an enigmatic organization watches from the shadows, hoping to exploit the pair's strange talents.

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Manga Canon Episodes:1-24

Undead Unluck Episode List

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1Undead and UnluckManga Canon2023-10-07
2UnionManga Canon2023-10-14
3How To Use My UnluckManga Canon2023-10-21
4Do You Love the Change in Me?Manga Canon2023-10-28
5United We NegateManga Canon2023-11-04
6SpoilManga Canon2023-11-11
7DreamManga Canon2023-11-18
8VicthorManga Canon2023-11-25
9ReturnManga Canon2023-12-02
10ResultManga Canon2023-12-09
11Rio de JaneiroManga Canon2023-12-16
12ActivateManga Canon2023-12-23
13TatianaManga Canon2024-01-06
14Crimson BulletManga Canon2024-01-13
15UnderManga Canon2024-01-20
16RevolutionManga Canon2024-01-27
17OutsmartManga Canon2024-02-03
18Cry for the MoonManga Canon2024-02-10
19Undead + UnluckManga Canon2024-02-17
20Anno UnManga Canon2024-02-24
21Memento MoriManga Canon2024-03-02
22ProfileManga Canon2024-03-09
23A Story I Won't See ComingManga Canon2024-03-16
24To You, From MeManga Canon2024-03-23

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