Tokyo Ghoul:re Filler List

Updated on June 19, 2022

Tokyo Ghoul:re was an anime series that ran from 2018 to 2018. In total 24 episodes of Tokyo Ghoul:re were aired. Tokyo Ghoul:re has no reported filler.

It has been 2 years since CCG's raid on Anteiku and the tension in Tokyo is still the same. To get rid of the ghouls inhabiting it CCG unveils a new group known as the Quinx Squad a group of humans gone through surgeries to have quinques as a body part. Their leader Haise Sasaki must defeat all of the ghouls and find out about himself as well as his mysterious origins...

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Manga Canon Episodes:1-24

Tokyo Ghoul:re Episode List

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1START: Those Who HuntManga Canon2018-04-03
2member: FragmentsManga Canon2018-04-10
3fresh: EveManga Canon2018-04-17
4MAIN: AuctionManga Canon2018-04-24
5PresS: Night of ScatteringManga Canon2018-05-01
6turn: In the EndManga Canon2018-05-08
7mind: Days of RecollectionsManga Canon2018-05-15
8TAKe: One Who WrithesManga Canon2018-05-22
9play: Departed SpiritManga Canon2018-05-29
10think: SwayManga Canon2018-06-05
11writE: The Absent OneManga Canon2018-06-12
12Beautiful Dream: DaybreakManga Canon2018-06-19
13Place: And So, Once AgainManga Canon2018-10-09
14VOLT: White DarknessManga Canon2018-10-16
15union: Close GameManga Canon2018-10-23
16vive: Those Left BehindManga Canon2018-10-30
17MovE: Confluence, ConfusionManga Canon2018-11-06
18FACE: EffulgenceManga Canon2018-11-13
19proof: BondsManga Canon2018-11-20
20incarnation: Awakened ChildManga Canon2018-11-27
21Morse: RemembrancesManga Canon2018-12-04
22call: The Far Side of TragedyManga Canon2018-12-11
23ACT: EncountersManga Canon2018-12-18
24Final EpisodeManga Canon2018-12-25

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