Terror in Resonance Filler List

(Zankyou no Terror)

Updated on July 18, 2020

Terror in Resonance was an anime series that ran from 2014 to 2014. In total 11 episodes of Terror in Resonance were aired. Terror in Resonance has no reported filler.

In an alternative iteration of the present, two teenage boys who go by the names Nine and Twelve, steal a prototype atomic bomb in an apparent terrorist attack. Calling themselves "Sphinx", they upload a video onto the Internet and threaten to destroy Tokyo city unless a cryptic riddle can be solved. They are survivors of a secret experiment by the Rising Peace Academy to develop orphaned children with Savant syndrome into human weapons. They befriend Lisa, a lonely schoolgirl, who becomes caught up in their plans to expose the nefarious activities of the organization.

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Anime Canon Episodes:1-11

Terror in Resonance Episode List

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1FallingAnime Canon2014-07-10
2Call & ResponseAnime Canon2014-07-17
3Search & DestroyAnime Canon2014-07-24
4Break ThroughAnime Canon2014-07-31
5Hide & SeekAnime Canon2014-08-07
6Ready or NotAnime Canon2014-08-14
7DeuceAnime Canon2014-08-21
8My Fair LadyAnime Canon2014-09-04
9Highs & LowsAnime Canon2014-09-11
10Helter SkelterAnime Canon2014-09-18
11VONAnime Canon2014-09-25

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