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SPY x FAMILY Filler List

Updated on March 5, 2023

SPY x FAMILY is an ongoing anime series that started in 2022. So far 25 episodes of SPY x FAMILY have been aired. SPY x FAMILY has no reported filler.

Loid Forger, an intelligent spy from Westalis, has been given the mission of stopping a war from forming between Westalis and Ostania. To do this, he'll need to marry and have a child to get close to his target, Donovan Desmond. He adopts Anya, a girl with the power to read minds, and marries Yor Briar, an assassin working to eliminate evil in Ostania. To top it off, all 3 of them are hiding their identities from each other. With such a crazy family, will Loid Forger be able to complete his mission, or will this fake family he has created fall apart?

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Manga Canon Episodes:1-25

SPY x FAMILY Episode List

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1Operation "Strix"Manga Canon2022-04-09
2Secure a WifeManga Canon2022-04-16
3Prepare for the InterviewManga Canon2022-04-23
4The Prestigious School's InterviewManga Canon2022-04-30
5Will They Pass or Fail?Manga Canon2022-05-07
6The Friendship SchemeManga Canon2022-05-14
7The Target's Second SonManga Canon2022-05-21
8The Counter-Secret Police Cover OperationManga Canon2022-05-28
9Show off How in Love You AreManga Canon2022-06-04
10The Great Dodgeball PlanManga Canon2022-06-11
11StellaManga Canon2022-06-18
12Penguin ParkManga Canon2022-06-25
13Project AppleManga Canon2022-10-01
14Disarm the Time BombManga Canon2022-10-08
15A New Family MemberManga Canon2022-10-15
16Yor’s Kitchen / The Informant’s Great Romance PlanManga Canon2022-10-22
17Carry Out the Griffin Plan / Fullmetal Lady / Omelet Rice ♡Manga Canon2022-10-29
18Uncle the Private Tutor / DaybreakManga Canon2022-11-05
19A Revenge Plot Against Desmond / Mama Becomes the WindManga Canon2022-11-12
20Investigate the General Hospital / Decipher the Perplexing CodeManga Canon2022-11-19
21Nightfall / First Fit of JealousyManga Canon2022-11-26
22The Undergrounds Tennis Tournament: The CampbelldonManga Canon2022-12-03
23The Unwavering PathManga Canon2022-12-10
24The Role Of A Mother And Wife / Shopping With FriendsManga Canon2022-12-17
25First ContactManga Canon2022-12-24

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