Jane's Revenge!

Crystal Bowie loses patience with Tarvage and gives him one last chance to catch Cobra. At Catherine's funeral, Jane wants revenge on Tarvage, but Cobra stops her. Then they are attacked by a storm of sharp seeds sent across the desert by the plant-man Tarvage that release an aesthetic and they fall unconscious. As Tarvage prepares to implant Cobra, Armaroid Lady attacks him but is no match for his armoured body. They fall and Tarvage's armour is broken, and before he can kill Lady, he succumbs to the desert heat and has to retreat. Cobra heads back into town to find Tarvage. Cobra finds him and fires a psycho-blast, but it is deflected by a shield created by his three floating satellites, killing Duck. Cobra lies in wait and manages to kill Tarvage at close range as he descends in a lift. When Cobra returns, Jane has gone. She confronts Crystal Bowie but her shots have no effect and she is mortally wounded. As she dies she sees a vision of Catherine, and their souls go to the third triplet, Dominique. Crystal Bowie sends all his troops after Cobra just as Cobra heads back to confront Crystal Bowie. 

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