How to Defeat Salamander

Cobra and his team raid the mansion of Pirate Guild boss El Rodes. Known as Devil Troll when a customs officer, he is now manufacturer and distributor of the Rodo drug. The team disposes of his men, Doug impersonates him and they infiltrate the Guild's annual reunion at Casino Station where Cobra hopes to find Salamander. Cobra bandages his face to escape recognition, and once inside is surprised how many officials are members of the Guild. Cobra learns that Salamander is in the exclusive Observatory Room. He gains access, but Bud detects that Salamander is protected by an invisible barrier. Cobra learns that Salamander's favourite wrestler, El Skyman the Galaxy Heavyweight Champion will be fighting, so Cobra ambushes and then impersonates him. His opponent is Gadanga, Emperor of Underground Wrestling. The match is rigged for El Skyman to win, but the disguised Cobra makes Gadanga angry and it turns into a real match. Cobra is almost beaten. The excitement makes Salamander move out of the protective barrier, and Cobra shoots him with his Psychogun. Cobra and his three friends leave, congratulating themselves on the success of their mission. 

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