Behold!! The Snow Gorilla Pirates!

Cobra consults a fortune teller to help find Dominique, the third triplet. She points to Lourouge the snow planet and the Snow Gorillas. Cobra and Lady travel to Lourouge and decide to catch a heavily guarded snow train they suspect of carrying gold. It is also carrying a suspicious passenger, Joe the tarantula, a Guild killer. The train is attacked by Snow Gorillas – women on skis. Cobra takes Joe's ID and meets the leader Sandra, handing her the microfilm message that Joe was carrying. Cobra is taken on a tour of their base, and he suspects his guide is Dominique as she looks like Jane. This is confirmed when he sees a similar tattoo on her back. Meanwhile Sandra decodes the message, identifying Dominique as Sargent Royal of the Galactic Patrol. She and two other Snow Gorillas are accused of being spies and are to be executed by robotic Piragators. Cobra's identity is revealed when he uses his Psychogun to destroy the Piragators. 

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