Archenemy! Crystal Bowie

In a bar on Tugsard, Cobra offends then insults Dogg, who he kills in self defence. Before the other patrons can react, a female bounty hunter enters and kills them - they are all wanted criminals with prices on their heads. After Cobra leaves she realizes that one criminal was shot by the stranger at the bar. Cobra visits own own grave at the cemetery. She arrives and confronts him, suspecting he knows the whereabouts of Cobra, or be Cobra himself. Suddenly they are attacked and captured by the Pirate Guild Killer Section, including their boss, Crystal Bowie. They identify her as bounty hunter Jane Royal. Cobra is allowed to leave, but when the attack him, he uses the Psychogun, so his identity is revealed. Cobra takes Jane Royal into a hidden passage within the cemetery to his headquarters and his space ship, Turtle. She reveals that she is one of Nelson's triplet daughters who have parts of the map to his treasure tattooed on their backs. They leave Tugsard but Turtle is suddenly attacked by a Guild fleet led by Crystal Bowie who wants the map. After defeating the Guild force, Jane asks for Cobra's help to find her sisters. He agrees and they head for planet Sid where Jane's sister Catherine lives.

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