The Rising of the Shield Hero Filler List

(Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari)

Updated on September 5, 2020

The Rising of the Shield Hero is an ongoing anime series that started in 2019. So far 25 episodes of The Rising of the Shield Hero have been aired. The Rising of the Shield Hero has no reported filler.

Iwatani Naofumi, an ordinary otaku, has been transported to a fantasy world after reading a book about 4 heroes. Naofumi becomes the weakest hero, The Shield Hero. He is soon belittled and accused as a criminal,. Though still allowed in the kingdom he is treated as a convict. Now the tale of him rising to the top begins........

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Manga Canon Episodes:1-6, 8-25
Mixed Canon/Filler Episodes:7

The Rising of the Shield Hero Episode List

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1The Shield HeroManga Canon2019-01-09
2The Slave GirlManga Canon2019-01-16
3Wave of CatastropheManga Canon2019-01-23
4Lullaby at DawnManga Canon2019-01-30
5FiloManga Canon2019-02-06
6A New ComradeManga Canon2019-02-13
7The Savior of the Heavenly FowlMixed Canon/Filler2019-02-20
8Curse ShieldManga Canon2019-02-27
9MeltyManga Canon2019-03-06
10In the Midst of TurmoilManga Canon2019-03-13
11Catastrophe ReturnsManga Canon2019-03-20
12The Raven InvaderManga Canon2019-03-27
13The Devil of the ShieldManga Canon2019-04-03
14Everlasting MemoryManga Canon2019-04-10
15RaphtaliaManga Canon2019-04-17
16Filolial QueenManga Canon2019-04-24
17A Promise MadeManga Canon2019-05-01
18A Conspiracy LinkedManga Canon2019-05-08
19The Four Cardinal HeroesManga Canon2019-05-15
20Battle of Good and EvilManga Canon2019-05-22
21Naofumi's Triumphant ReturnManga Canon2019-05-29
22Four Heroes CouncilManga Canon2019-06-05
23Cal Mira ArchipelagoManga Canon2019-06-12
24Guardians of Another WorldManga Canon2019-06-19
25The Rising of the Shield HeroManga Canon2019-06-26

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