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Updated on February 16, 2023

Parasyte: The Maxim was an anime series that ran from 2014 to 2015. In total 24 episodes of Parasyte: The Maxim were aired. Parasyte: The Maxim has no reported filler.

On one fateful day, parasites begin to fall from the sky and begin to infect humans. These are no ordinary parasites however. These parasites are intelligent and are able to takeover their host and resume normal living under their human disguises. While incognito this leaves the parasites more comfortable to pursue their hunger for humans. However for highschooler Shinichi Izumi the parasite that fell near him did not takeover his brain but instead his right hand. With mind intact Shinichi attemps to work together with his parasite, nicknamed "Migi", to try and protect humanity from this silent invasion.

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Manga Canon Episodes:1-24

Parasyte: The Maxim Episode List

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1The MetamorphosisManga Canon2014-10-09
2Demon in the FleshManga Canon2014-10-15
3SymposiumManga Canon2014-10-22
4Disheveled HairManga Canon2014-10-29
5The StrangerManga Canon2014-11-05
6The Sun Also RisesManga Canon2014-11-12
7A Dark Night's PassingManga Canon2014-11-20
8Freezing PointManga Canon2014-11-27
9Beyond Good and EvilManga Canon2014-11-27
10What Mad UniverseManga Canon2014-12-04
11The Blue BirdManga Canon2014-12-11
12KokoroManga Canon2014-12-25
13Hello SadnessManga Canon2015-01-08
14The Selfish GeneManga Canon2015-01-15
15Something Wicked This Way ComesManga Canon2015-01-22
16Happy FamilyManga Canon2015-01-29
17The Adventure of the Dying DetectiveManga Canon2015-02-05
18More Than HumanManga Canon2015-02-12
19In Cold BloodManga Canon2015-02-19
20Crime and PunishmentManga Canon2015-02-26
21Sex and SpiritManga Canon2015-03-05
22Repose and AwakeningManga Canon2015-03-12
23Life and VowsManga Canon2015-03-19
24Parasitic BeastsManga Canon2015-03-26

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