The Final Rounds: Rush to the Battle Arena!

The episode starts with filler depicting various characters on the day before the final round.

The canon material then begins, with Naruto seeming uncharacteristically depressed on the morning of the final until a chance encounter with Hinata restores his spirits. Additional canon scenes depict the third Hokage, and Neji with Tenten.

Filler then resumes with a comical sequence involving Naruto rushing to make the finals only to be repeatedly stymied by Konohamaru's "short cuts", before finally being chased into the arena by a herd of bulls.

The final 32 seconds are canon material, beginning with Naruto enquiring about the absent Sasuke.

EDIT: I put the status from Mostly Filler to Mostly Cannon. This because although this episode indeed covers quite some filler content. It still contains the full content of a manga chapter which you would miss out on if you decide to skip this episode.

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Mixed Canon/Filler
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