The Night Before the Second Exam

At night in Sunagakure, a masked figure breaks into the Kazekage's office building. Kankuro confronts him and questions the figure's identity. Responding that he seeks to "reform" the Land of Wind, the figure evades Kankuro before forced to use a suicidal attack to take his pursuer down. Luckily, Temari saves her brother in time and the two inform Gaara of the events the following morning. Though his older siblings warn him that the rebel faction is stepping up its efforts against him, Gaara is determined to supervise the Chunin Exams. After reporting to Tsunade at Konoha of how he was unable to infiltrate the village, Kakashi suspects the state of things at Amegakure after having not met Hanzo in person. At the Demon Desert checkpoint in the Land of Wind, Team Kurenai, Team Guy, and the team of Sakura, Ino, and Choji are among those who safely arrive to secure their qualification, with latecomers disqualified and sent back to their respective villages. During dinnertime, a fight breaks out among the genin after the Konoha shinobi accidentally ruined the food with Fu attempting to make peace and friends before everyone left to her dismay. Later, Choji sneaks out to where the jonin are in hopes of getting food. Sakura and Ino follow him, and the three find themselves attacked by a giant scorpion that Fu dispatched. Arriving to the scene, Gaara is amazed that Fu rescued ninja who are not of her village, reminding him of Naruto. The next day, the second phase begins with the roles like the previous previous Chūnin Exam: Some of the teams are given an Earth scroll while the rest are given the Heaven scroll and must fight to possess both to pass. 

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