Reborn! Filler List

(Katekyō Hitman Reborn!)

Updated on December 22, 2023

Reborn! was an anime series that ran from 2006 to 2010. In total 203 episodes of Reborn! were aired. With a total of 30 reported filler episodes, Reborn! has a low filler percentage of 15%.

Reborn, an infant hitman from Italy, is sent to tell Tsunayoshi "Tsuna" Sawada that he is the only remaining heir to the Vongola mafia family and as such will become its next boss. Slowly underachieving and clumsy Tsuna is unknowingly trained by Reborn to become stronger and more confident.

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Mixed Canon/Filler Episodes:10, 29, 73, 119, 141, 159, 178, 189
Filler Episodes:56, 84-85, 97, 120-121, 142-154, 158, 179-188

Reborn! Episode List

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1What!? I'm a Tenth-Generation Mafia Boss!?Manga Canon2006-10-07
2The End of the School?!Manga Canon2006-10-14
3Shocking! Cooking With Love and Horror!Manga Canon2006-10-21
4Eek! A Maiden's Heart Can Destroy!Manga Canon2006-10-28
5The Leader of the Disciplinary Committee Kills Time.Manga Canon2006-11-04
6Ni-Hao Gyoza Fist!Manga Canon2006-11-11
7To the Limit! Passionate Brother!Manga Canon2006-11-18
8The Senior Boss Cares About the Family.Manga Canon2006-11-25
9Life-shortening SkullitisManga Canon2006-12-02
10Gahaha! The Exploding Lunch Box!Mixed Canon/Filler2006-12-09
11The Gyoza Buns of Love and Death!?Manga Canon2006-12-16
12Master's Training! Strengthening ProgramManga Canon2006-12-23
13New Spring! The Hundred Million Yen ContestManga Canon2007-01-06
14First Date!? Hell's ZooManga Canon2007-01-13
15Clash! Survival Snow BattleManga Canon2007-01-20
16Escape From Death Mountain!Manga Canon2007-01-27
17Don't Make a Noise When You're HospitalizedManga Canon2007-02-03
18Poisoned Love ChocolatesManga Canon2007-02-10
19100% Accuracy? Ranking AnythingManga Canon2007-02-17
20Sudden AttackManga Canon2007-02-24
21Wounded FriendsManga Canon2007-03-03
22Unforeseen Evil InfluenceManga Canon2007-03-10
23The Final Deathperation ShotManga Canon2007-03-17
24Fighting Back in Different WaysManga Canon2007-03-24
25I Want to Win! Moment of AwakeningManga Canon2007-03-31
26The End and From Then OnManga Canon2007-04-07
27Eat Sushi to Celebrate Moving Up a GradeManga Canon2007-04-14
28No Way! I Killed Him?Manga Canon2007-04-21
29Her Lover is Broccoli?Mixed Canon/Filler2007-04-28
30Hide and Seek on a Luxury CruiseManga Canon2007-05-05
31Welcome to Mafia LandManga Canon2007-05-12
32A Shark Showed Up in the Public PoolManga Canon2007-05-19
33A Summer Filled With Debt?Manga Canon2007-05-26
34The Varia ArriveManga Canon2007-06-02
35The Seven Vongola RingsManga Canon2007-06-09
36Tutors on the MoveManga Canon2007-06-16
37Teacher and Student TogetherManga Canon2007-06-23
38The Selfish Baby Cow VanishesManga Canon2007-06-30
39The Unseen Enemies' GoalManga Canon2007-07-07
40The Battle of the Rings Begins!Manga Canon2007-07-14
41The Guardian of the Sun Ring's FeelingsManga Canon2007-07-21
42The Power to Overcome AdversityManga Canon2007-07-28
43Thunder Strike from Twenty Years LaterManga Canon2007-08-04
44The Stolen Sky RingManga Canon2007-08-11
45Raging Storm BattleManga Canon2007-08-18
46Reason to FightManga Canon2007-08-25
47The Strongest, Invincible StyleManga Canon2007-09-01
48Flow of BattleManga Canon2007-09-08
49Requiem RainManga Canon2007-09-15
50The Guardian of the Mist Ring Arrives!?Manga Canon2007-09-22
51Illusion vs. IllusionManga Canon2007-09-29
52The Truth About the MistManga Canon2007-10-06
53A Hint of UneasinessManga Canon2007-10-13
54The Cloud Guardian's RampageManga Canon2007-10-20
55DeterminationManga Canon2007-10-27
56Gokudera's StoryFiller2007-11-03
57The Sky Ring Battle Begins!Manga Canon2007-11-10
58Flame of FuryManga Canon2007-11-17
59SupportersManga Canon2007-11-24
60Deathperate Zero Point BreakthroughManga Canon2007-12-01
61Zero Point Breakthrough RevisedManga Canon2007-12-08
62TacticsManga Canon2007-12-15
63Freezing FlameManga Canon2007-12-22
64The Truth Behind The RageManga Canon2008-01-18
65Conclusion!Manga Canon2008-01-12
66Shivering GhostManga Canon2008-01-19
67Vongola-style Open HouseManga Canon2008-01-26
68Happy? WeddingManga Canon2008-02-02
69Crazy Criminal Brother TrioManga Canon2008-02-09
70The Misfortune of Shoichi IrieManga Canon2008-02-16
71Fighting Spirit! Absolute Evil FistManga Canon2008-02-23
72Expulsion CrisisManga Canon2008-03-01
73Mother's Day Vongola-styleMixed Canon/Filler2008-03-08
74The World 10 Years LaterManga Canon2008-03-15
75Secret BaseManga Canon2008-03-22
76Search for the GuardiansManga Canon2008-03-29
77Flame of ResolveManga Canon2008-04-05
78Clues to The PastManga Canon2008-04-12
79The First TrialManga Canon2008-04-19
80DiscordManga Canon2008-04-26
81CombinationManga Canon2008-05-03
82The Strongest GuardianManga Canon2008-05-10
83Information DivulgedManga Canon2008-05-17
84The Long Road HomeFiller2008-05-24
85Where's the Base?Filler2008-05-31
86The Most Terrifying TutorManga Canon2008-06-07
87SuccessionManga Canon2008-06-14
887³ PolicyManga Canon2008-06-21
89Piano of SorrowManga Canon2008-06-28
90Gufo di PioggiaManga Canon2008-07-05
91What You Believe InManga Canon2008-07-12
92Your ChoiceManga Canon2008-07-19
93Level D Security AlertManga Canon2008-07-26
94Identity RevealedManga Canon2008-08-02
95DeterminationManga Canon2008-08-09
96X BURNERManga Canon2008-08-23
97The Great ChaseFiller2008-08-30
98Declaration of WarManga Canon2008-09-06
99The Final TrialManga Canon2008-09-13
100The Night Before the RaidManga Canon2008-09-20
101Night AttackManga Canon2008-09-27
102Mission StartManga Canon2008-10-04
103The First BarrierManga Canon2008-10-11
104Magician of FateManga Canon2008-10-18
105RegretManga Canon2008-10-25
106The Student's MaturationManga Canon2008-11-01
107Absolute DesperationManga Canon2008-11-08
108A Man's Box WeaponManga Canon2008-11-15
109CaptiveManga Canon2008-11-22
110The Secret of Merone BaseManga Canon2008-11-29
111The Enemy is Octopus HeadManga Canon2008-12-06
112Boomerang TrapManga Canon2008-12-13
113Lightning Strikes AgainManga Canon2008-12-20
114The Storm Guardian, StandsManga Canon2008-12-27
115SISTEMA C.A.I.Manga Canon2009-01-10
116Difference in ResolveManga Canon2009-01-17
117Storm Fights BackManga Canon2009-01-24
118The Princess's ConvictionManga Canon2009-01-31
119Interval Between BattlesMixed Canon/Filler2009-02-07
120Virtual SpaceFiller2009-02-14
121Two BattlesFiller2009-02-21
122The Ultimate SwordsmanManga Canon2009-02-28
123Teachings of the Sword EmperorManga Canon2009-03-07
124Obstructing MistManga Canon2009-03-14
125More IntrudersManga Canon2009-03-21
126The Strongest versus The StrongestManga Canon2009-03-28
127A Bewitching FlowerManga Canon2009-04-04
128The Head Prefect ComesManga Canon2009-04-11
129Operation XManga Canon2009-04-18
130Resolve and IrritationManga Canon2009-04-25
131RampageManga Canon2009-05-02
132Final Block Of DefenseManga Canon2009-05-09
133A Game-Changing MoveManga Canon2009-05-16
134Hell KnightManga Canon2009-05-23
135ArrivalManga Canon2009-05-30
136Revealed TruthManga Canon2009-06-06
137Main Battle in ItalyManga Canon2009-06-13
138Twin PrincesManga Canon2009-06-20
139Furious RoarManga Canon2009-06-27
140Another SkyManga Canon2009-07-04
141ReunionMixed Canon/Filler2009-07-11
142The Strongest SevenFiller2009-07-18
143Trial #1Filler2009-07-25
144The Arcobaleno SealsFiller2009-08-01
145Guardian Showdown! Cloud and MistFiller2009-08-08
146Box Weapon PrototypeFiller2009-08-15
147Catch the WindFiller2009-08-22
148Two Successors of the SkyFiller2009-08-29
149Reborn's TrialFiller2009-09-05
150A Path is Closed OffFiller2009-09-12
151Once the Rainbow is CompleteFiller2009-09-19
152A Boss' ResolveFiller2009-09-26
153The Final SealFiller2009-10-03
154To the Next BattleFiller2009-10-10
155The Real Six Funeral WreathsManga Canon2009-10-17
156Inspiring AlliesManga Canon2009-10-24
157Namimori HolidayManga Canon2009-10-31
158A Warm PlaceFiller2009-11-07
159For My FriendsMixed Canon/Filler2009-11-14
160Gaining MobilityManga Canon2009-11-21
161AirbikeManga Canon2009-11-28
162The Sky Vongola BoxManga Canon2009-12-05
163Terror! Turmoil on BaseManga Canon2009-12-12
164Vongola Box, Training BeginsManga Canon2009-12-19
165Boycott DeclaredManga Canon2009-12-26
166With the Same HeartManga Canon2010-01-09
167Day of the BattleManga Canon2010-01-16
168Choice BeginsManga Canon2010-01-23
169Sky Lion: Leone di Cieli ver. VongolaManga Canon2010-01-30
170Fateful ShowdownManga Canon2010-02-06
171RevengeManga Canon2010-02-13
172Kikyo's AssaultManga Canon2010-02-20
173Choice EndsManga Canon2010-02-27
174The Truth about the FutureManga Canon2010-03-06
175Yuni ComesManga Canon2010-03-13
176EscapeManga Canon2010-03-20
177After the BattleManga Canon2010-03-27
178The Primo Family Arrives!Mixed Canon/Filler2010-04-03
179Inheritance BeginsFiller2010-04-10
180The Duty of the Rain GuardianFiller2010-04-17
181Furious Bolt of LightningFiller2010-04-24
182Silent StormFiller2010-05-01
183Aloof CloudFiller2010-05-08
184Sunny then CloudyFiller2010-05-15
185The Trap is SetFiller2010-05-22
186Bewitching MistFiller2010-05-29
187Memories of BetrayalFiller2010-06-05
188Primo's WillFiller2010-06-12
189The Family's ResolveMixed Canon/Filler2010-06-19
190The Real Six Funeral Wreaths Attack!Manga Canon2010-06-26
191Open Carnage BoxManga Canon2010-07-03
192Alaude's HandcuffsManga Canon2010-07-10
193Daemon Spade's Devil LensManga Canon2010-07-17
194The Final Battle BeginsManga Canon2010-07-24
195G's ArcheryManga Canon2010-07-31
196Lambo's ShieldManga Canon2010-08-07
197Knuckle's Maximum BreakManga Canon2010-08-14
198The Last Real Funeral WreathManga Canon2010-08-21
199GHOST AwakensManga Canon2010-08-28
200Sky Full of DesireManga Canon2010-09-04
201Precious Moments in TimeManga Canon2010-09-11
202Sea. Clam. Rainbow.Manga Canon2010-09-18
203To a New FutureManga Canon2010-09-25

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