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Updated on November 30, 2017

Hunter x Hunter was an anime series that ran from 1999 to 2004. In total 92 episodes of Hunter x Hunter were aired. With a total of 4 reported filler episodes, Hunter x Hunter has a very low filler percentage of 4%.

Gon thought his father was dead, but really he left to pursue his dream. Now Gon wants to follow in his father's footsteps by becoming a Hunter as well.

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Filler Episodes:2, 18-20
Canon Episodes:1, 3-17, 21-92

Hunter x Hunter Episode List

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1A Boy Setting Out for a Journey x Leaving Behind the Sound of the WindCanon1999-10-16
2Encounter x Hesitation x DepartureMostly Filler1999-10-23
3Pride x Stormy Water x DuelCanon1999-10-30
4Decision x Shortcut x DetourCanon1999-11-06
5Lies x Truth? x KirikoCanon1999-11-13
6Steak x Marathon x The Exam StartsCanon1999-11-20
7Trauma x Limit x Sweet TrapCanon1999-11-27
8Conjurer x Smile x Beasts BewareCanon1999-12-04
9Menchi x Furious x Second Phase?Canon1999-12-11
10Failing x Panic x Heavenly VoiceCanon1999-12-18
11Exploration x Guts x StowawayCanon2000-01-08
12Good Boy? x Bad Boy? x KilluaCanon2000-01-15
13Pro x Con x TrapCanon2000-01-22
14Candles x Policy x DisputeCanon2000-01-29
15Fleeting x Life x MajitaniCanon2000-02-05
16Rock x Scissors x HeartCanon2000-02-12
17Three People? x Five People? x Last ChoiceCanon2000-02-19
18Treasure x Memory x Cramped Hotel RoomFiller2000-02-26
19Stranded x Log Book x SoakedFiller2000-03-04
20Big Waves x Big Cannon x Huge RushFiller2000-03-11
21Fourth Phase x Forty-Four x Number of DeathCanon2000-03-18
22Found x Hide x Caught UpCanon2000-03-25
23Hisoka x Crash x GonCanon2000-04-01
24Damage x Reunion x CourageCanon2000-04-15
25Slither x Stinger x In The CaveCanon2000-04-22
26Chairman x Interview x Paper TestCanon2000-05-06
27Hisoka x Kurapika x Spider's WhisperCanon2000-05-13
28Chatting x Excuses x EnduranceCanon2000-05-20
29Pass x Fail x Exam OverCanon2000-05-27
30Killua x Disqualified x Forced OutCanon2000-06-03
31Disband x Party x Unpleasant TiesCanon2000-06-10
32Sightseeing x Landmark x Killua's HouseCanon2000-06-17
33Training x Hound x ExhaustedCanon2000-07-01
34Skateboard x Apprentice x HonestyCanon2000-07-15
35Killua x Punishment x Family MeetingCanon2000-07-22
36Coin Toss x Reunion x Change of ClothesCanon2000-08-08
37Heaven x Fight x TrainingCanon2000-08-19
38Nen x Nen x Nen?Canon2000-09-09
39Secret Trick x Register x The Battle BeginsCanon2000-09-16
40Two Months x Break x Just In CaseCanon2000-09-23
41Bungee x Punch x One Round BattleCanon2000-09-30
42Hisoka's Love x Showdown x Gon's ResolveCanon2000-10-21
43Talent x Agony x Killer InstinctCanon2000-10-28
44Small Fry x Clean Up x Exam Over!?Canon2000-11-04
45Limitation x Vow x Chain of JudgmentCanon2000-11-11
46I'm Home x Welcome Back x I'm KilluaCanon2000-11-18
47Dad x Top Secret x ConfessionCanon2000-11-25
48Kurapika x Black Eyes x First JobCanon2000-12-02
49Heart Tone x Kurapika x DowsingCanon2000-12-09
50Killua x Big Fortune x Hunter's TavernCanon2000-12-16
51Spider x Yorknew x AssembleCanon2000-12-23
52Underground Auction x Annihilation x MachinegunCanon2001-01-13
53Phantom Troupe x The Shadow Beasts x CommunityCanon2001-01-20
54Hisoka x Alliance x Spider HuntingCanon2001-01-27
55Uvo x Kurapika x Melody of DeterminationCanon2001-02-03
56Scarlet Eyes x Duel x Cost of LifeCanon2001-02-10
57Gon x Treasure x Dangerous ManCanon2001-02-17
58Gon x Killua x Deadly ChaseCanon2001-02-24
59Nest of Spiders x Captive x Killing TechniqueCanon2001-03-03
60Kurapika x Assassination Team x ZoldyckCanon2001-03-10
61Spider Rendezvous xZoldyck Family x Final BattleCanon2001-03-17
62Kurapika x Friends x End of SpidersCanon2001-03-31
63Spider x Corpse x FakeCanon2002-01-17
64Friends x Costumes x Hell's EarCanon2002-01-17
65Pursuit x Escape x Spiders on the RunCanon2002-02-20
66Hostages x Insignificant Bugs x Communicated EmotionsCanon2002-02-20
67Report x Darkness x Released ChainCanon2002-03-20
68Dispute x Break-up x Swinging FistCanon2002-03-20
69Exchange x Revenge x Judgment ChainCanon2002-04-17
70Feelings x Hopelessness x The Spider's DownfallCanon2002-04-17
71Auction x Plan x 80 PercentCanon2003-02-05
72Electricity x Aura x Special AttackCanon2003-02-05
73Ren x Tests x Everyone's JourneyCanon2003-03-05
74Start x Spell x Town of PrizesCanon2003-03-05
75Invitation x List x Show Me Rock!Canon2003-03-19
76Take x Taken x Card HellCanon2003-03-19
77Bandit x Monster x BiscuitCanon2003-04-16
78Training x Raw Ore x Scissor HandsCanon2003-04-16
79Masadora x Big Strides x Bomb DevilCanon2004-02-18
80Without Nen x New Year x Hunter ExamCanon2004-02-18
81An Encounter x Chrollo x The Gold Dust GirlCanon2004-03-03
82Contact x Razor x A United FrontCanon2004-03-03
83Meeting Again x Hisoka x Sporting EventCanon2004-03-07
84Lighthouse x 8 People x Game MasterCanon2004-03-07
85Jan x Ken x RockCanon2004-04-28
86Unite x Impact x Bungee GumCanon2004-04-28
87Struggle x Pinch x War DeclarationCanon2004-06-02
88Stakeout x Preparation x Battle StartCanon2004-06-02
89Bisky x Killua x New Special AttackCanon2004-06-30
90Energy x Gyo x Little FlowerCanon2004-06-30
91Cruelty x Determination x ClimaxCanon2004-08-18
92Game x Everything Cleared x FinaleCanon2004-08-18