Golden Kamuy Filler List

Updated on March 26, 2023

Golden Kamuy is an ongoing anime series that started in 2018. So far 24 episodes of Golden Kamuy have been aired. Golden Kamuy has no reported filler.

The story takes place in the mighty Northern field of Hokkaido, the time is in the turbulent late Meiji Era. A post war soldier Sugimoto, aka, “Immortal Sugimoto” was in need of large sums of money for a particular purpose…. What awaited Sugimoto, who stepped into Hokkaido’s Gold Rush with dreams of making a fortune, was a tattoo map leading to a hidden treasure based on hints inscribed on the bodies of convicts in Abashiri Prison?! The magnificent nature of Hokkaido vs vicious convicts and the meeting with a pure Ainu girl, Ashiripa!! A survival battle for a hidden treasure hunt begins!

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Manga Canon Episodes:1-24

Golden Kamuy Episode List

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1WenkamuyManga Canon2018-04-09
2NopperaboManga Canon2018-04-16
3Kamuy MosirManga Canon2018-04-23
4Grim ReaperManga Canon2018-04-30
5RaceManga Canon2018-05-07
6Hunter's SoulManga Canon2018-05-14
7ComplicationManga Canon2018-05-21
8Eyes of a MurdererManga Canon2018-05-28
9GleamingManga Canon2018-06-04
10Fellow TravelerManga Canon2018-06-11
11Everybody, Get Together! It's a Murder Hotel!Manga Canon2018-06-18
12Trickster FoxManga Canon2018-06-25
13Edogai-kunManga Canon2018-10-08
14FakesManga Canon2018-10-15
15Let's Talk About the PastManga Canon2018-10-22
16The Great Plan to Infiltrate the Asahikawa 7th Division!!Manga Canon2018-10-29
17Inside the BellyManga Canon2018-11-05
18Ani NekkoManga Canon2018-11-12
19Kamuy HopunireManga Canon2018-11-19
20Blue EyesManga Canon2018-11-26
21The Sound of an AmbushManga Canon2018-12-03
22On the Night of the New MoonManga Canon2018-12-10
23OverwhelmedManga Canon2018-12-17
24Call OutManga Canon2018-12-24

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