Girls' Last Tour Filler List

(Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou)

Updated on December 26, 2023

Girls' Last Tour was an anime series that ran from 2017 to 2017. In total 12 episodes of Girls' Last Tour were aired. Girls' Last Tour has no reported filler.

In a devastated, post-apocalyptic world, Chito and Yuuri seek their way to survive. They both also try to search some meaning to their lives in a world where everything is dead, trying to learn how was life before the war with the little clues the current hostile and lifeless world provides.

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Manga Canon Episodes:1-3, 5-12
Anime Canon Episodes:4

Girls' Last Tour Episode List

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1Starry Sky/WarManga Canon2017-10-06
2Bath/Journal/LaundryManga Canon
3Encounter/City/StreetlightsManga Canon
4Photograph/TempleAnime Canon
5House/Nap/The Sound of RainManga Canon
6Accident/Technology/TakeoffManga Canon
7Labyrinth/CookingManga Canon
8Memory/Spiral/MoonlightManga Canon
9Technology/Aquarium/LifeManga Canon
10Train/Wavelength/CaptureManga Canon
11Culture/Destruction/The PastManga Canon
12Connection/FriendsManga Canon2017-12-22

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